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Hello everyone! We've got about 12h left to this jam, so here's a reminder to finalize your submissions and get them uploaded. 

If anyone needs an extension, please let me know, and I can extend the jam <3

Hello! I've extended the deadline for the HDM Jam to Feb. 28th <3

I tutor a 12 year old boy in English/Language Arts who is pretty behind in reading & writing due to covid. He's made it quite clear that if he had a choice between writing and sandpapering his eyeballs, he'd choose the sandpaper, so I've been wracking my brains for ways to make things fun and engaging. In our last tutoring session, we played Unfeeded together, and I'm very happy to say that he had an absolute blast writing about being an unfeeded cat. His mom says he's still talking about it! So, thank you for creating this silly little game, as it's helped a boy begin to realize that writing doesn't have to be a horrible and tedious experience.