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This one was awesome to play with tons of little scares! Thanks for making! :D

Incredible, thanks for stopping by and checking me out creator! Game was great!!!

One of the best horror games ive played

great game, holy cow!

cool game, glad i  gave it a try!

What an incredible game! Enjoyed the entire game, wish there was more! Thank you for making!

The second one was sooo good holy cow!

Great game, enjoyed it a lot!

The Apartment Next Door was truly the scariest game I've played. It had the tension perfectly timed and had me on my toes for over 20 minutes. Very excited to play what you make next!

good game, i like all your games

This demo was amazing. One of the most content rich Demos i've played

This game was a great way to do the meme justice! 

Cool game! Keep up the good work!!

This game was amazing and the end really caught me off guard LMAO

What a great story to an atmospheric game! Well done!!

This one was super well done and had some great highlight moments! Cant wait for the full release!!

What an awesome game! Had a blast with this one!

Wanted to post my last attempt because this was one of my favorite games I've played!

Wanted to share this because the game was great and I had a blast editing it!!

This game was AWESOME and everyone loved me playing it! Thank you for this and Pumpkin Panic! I cant wait for what you have next!!!

Super creepy idea, was fun to play! Thank you!

Had a blast with this one! Really good game, thank you for making!

This one was great! Thank you <3

This is legit the best horror game I've ever played. I cant get enough of it. I dream of it, I stay awake thinking of it. Its absolutely amazing. Thank you! I will try your other game!!

game was awesome! Thank you!!!

Game was super spooky, thank you!!

Game was awesome! Thank you for making!!

This game was a blast to play and edit! Awesome job!!

This one had some good spooks but dude the boss was hilarious the whole game! Thank you for making!

I can't explain how awesome this game was. Not many games can terrify me the way this one did. Well done, Sir!

Thank you for making this game! Loved the cookie clicker part LOOL

This game was a blast, thank you for making it sir!

This game was awesome and people loved me playing it! Thank you for making such a beautiful game! <3

I played this one and thought it was super unique. Brought back some memories from the old PS1 or Ps2 games. Thank you for making!

I played this one and enjoyed it! Idea was unique and creepy! Thank you for making! <3

I played the first and second one in this clip! Really enjoyed the game. Thank you for making!

I made a video on part 1 and 2 of this game. Really enjoyed it. Thank you for taking the time to make it!

Thought the ideas was really cool and enjoyed playing it! Thank you for posting :D

Thanks again! Looking forward to the next one! :D

Love this one a lot. Super fun to play and edit! Thank you for making this!