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A member registered Jan 30, 2017

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I just finished it a couple of minutes ago and I really hope it broadens into an even bigger project! Sorry if there are some spelling errors or whatever, I´m not a native speaker. 

The games design looks really pretty and more, idk crisp? than most rpgmaker-games    I´ve seen and I think the cgs and avatars look really pretty too! I think the only complaint I could possibly have is that Vice doesn´t have his scar in some of the cgs, but that´s just me nitpicking. The music fits well with the general atmosphere and I have no complaints. 

The villians were really easy to pinpoint but I don´t really find that to be an issue? I mean, Vice himself kinda mentions how one of them seems untrustworthy. The characters were all enjoyable even though the game is pretty short, and the only thing I think could have been expanded upon is a bit more backstory for the main 3. Like, how did Alain and Vice become friends? And what´s the relationship between Jess and Vice? I kinda thought they were dating for a while, with the whole nickname-thing, but now in hindsight it seems more like they are just friends with some unresolved tension. Will there be any romance whatsoever? I dont know! I like these guys either way!

Anyway! The art and the game itself is really pretty and fun, and I like that I could win the final fight regardless if I invested in armour or weapons or whatever. I don´t really enjoy having to grind for a boss fight all the time, so it was a nice surprise! I really hope you´ll continue with this in some way, because it´s such a genuinely charming game. 

What a cute game! I loved it, and was really impressed!