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My, it took some time, but at long last, I´ve finished all the routes! Uhm, spoilers and lackluster English ahead?

1. Were you satisfied at the end of the route you played? 

Yes! My first route was the Shika/Raphael one, because I´ve adored Raphael since the demo and I really liked the aesthetic of Ash as both a shika and a reaver. After playing through all the routes, I do get the impression that maybe I was supposed to play in the order of Paris, Braums and then Raphael. Was that the intention? Anyway, I liked Raphaels and Braums good endings the most,  mainly because Raphael is MY BOY and Braums makes Ash his consort regardless of your race, which pulled at my heartstrings.  He´s such a sweet boy. I was surprised to see that Paris is the only one with a really "bad" ending (although Braums "bad" one was so cruel towards Raphael) When the other boys still let you be happy together. 

2. Favorite / least favorite part?  

I really liked the beginning of Chapter 2, on the boat. I think that you did a really good job of presenting the cast, mainly Braums, in this part specifically. Most of the time I really hate plowing through the beginning of a characters route, especially characters that haven´t been present for too long, like Braums. Seeing my poor boy being terrified of storms och being sick just made me want to protect him. :(

I also loved Raphael on the boat. When playing the demo I assumed he was going to be my sweet clueless son by the end of the game (which, I mean, he was) but seeing him hunting rats and saving damsels and then protecting his friends after only knowing them for like, two weeks made me want to shout "MY BOY" out loud. 

There was never a part I really disliked story wise, although I ended up just skipping through the part with the bandits for most of the time since nothing really changed there. Maybe adding some short dialogues depending on the romance, like Braums (or was it Paris?) yelling at them not to hurt Ash could have been switched depending on the route or something? 

3. Favorite love interest/what made him your fav?

As stated, Raphael is best boy. I loved his design, it was really serious and stoic compared to Paris the bunnyman and Braums (my second fav) who´s a total fashion disaster.  I found him so endearing because of his lack of social grace and I loved him even more after seeing his strength and how dedicated he is to his friends. 

Also, that scene with the blanket?  Raphael getting embarassed because he thinks Ash is pretty? Adorable. 

3. What made you decide to play the game?

Well, I´ve already been following you since I played some of your previous works, so I guess I played it because I´m a fan? Oh, and I thought Paris looked like a charming goof, so that kinda peaked my interest. 

4. Did you find any bugs/typos? 


5. Overall thoughts/ comments or suggestions

Thank you for your work! I think I forgot to mention it earlier, but it really makes me happy to see customization like this in a visual novel. I´m just, so impressed with the quality of it all. Especially the cgs! I can´t begin to guess how long that must have took, but it´s just so impressive if you ask me! 

I there´s one thing I´d suggest, it would be some sort of hint-system in the game och download files as to aquire the different ending/cgs. I spent an ETERNITY looking for the eigth ending, even though I did the shika/Raphael romance first. Maybe It´s just me though, ha.

6. Would you consider sharing the game page on Twitter to spread the word?

I don´t have a twitter-account, but if I did, you bet I would. 

7. If I made a commercial game would you consider purchasing it?

Absolutely! After playing the demo, I was suprised to see this one wasn´t!

I just finished it a couple of minutes ago and I really hope it broadens into an even bigger project! Sorry if there are some spelling errors or whatever, I´m not a native speaker. 

The games design looks really pretty and more, idk crisp? than most rpgmaker-games    I´ve seen and I think the cgs and avatars look really pretty too! I think the only complaint I could possibly have is that Vice doesn´t have his scar in some of the cgs, but that´s just me nitpicking. The music fits well with the general atmosphere and I have no complaints. 

The villians were really easy to pinpoint but I don´t really find that to be an issue? I mean, Vice himself kinda mentions how one of them seems untrustworthy. The characters were all enjoyable even though the game is pretty short, and the only thing I think could have been expanded upon is a bit more backstory for the main 3. Like, how did Alain and Vice become friends? And what´s the relationship between Jess and Vice? I kinda thought they were dating for a while, with the whole nickname-thing, but now in hindsight it seems more like they are just friends with some unresolved tension. Will there be any romance whatsoever? I dont know! I like these guys either way!

Anyway! The art and the game itself is really pretty and fun, and I like that I could win the final fight regardless if I invested in armour or weapons or whatever. I don´t really enjoy having to grind for a boss fight all the time, so it was a nice surprise! I really hope you´ll continue with this in some way, because it´s such a genuinely charming game. 

What a cute game! I loved it, and was really impressed!