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104 days ago eh? fashionably late reply?

Thanks Robinicus! I am glad you like the look of it, and I hope, you will love the final product! PAX was good fun! Hope to see you again in 2019 PAX <3

Hey Platonic Forms!

I have not - however, upon googling it, that will change within 24 hours :P Thanks for the question and the movie suggestion <3 

*Looks at the wiki and gets giddy with happiness* Soon you will have much more to add to the Deletion Game page :)

I am glad you loved the game!! I am working on the development as we speak~ So that is a defs WHEN! :D

As for price points - it is expected to be 19.99USD on Steam once released (and probably as well, I just need to get acquainted with their system).

There is an A.I ending - if you can unlock it - Mwhahahahhahahahha *coughs* hahahhaa.

Hahahaha, If I was going to run away with the Kickstarter monies - I really missed that window.

So please don't fret! I am working on the full game and its release now :D Thank you for being excited to play it~

Come closer friend. . .

*whispers* There is an ending that allows you to be with one of them :P

Fingers crossed LuckyPielover (great name by the way - I LOVE PIES), it should be out late this year~ I am working my butt off on it and to clear up some release hurdles as we speak (Or more literally, as I type :P).

Quantum Suicide... now has a wiki!? T.T Words can not explain how happy and humbled I am right now. Thank you GrangerParadox <3

Thanks Repersche! I am glad you enjoyed the demo and are excited for the full games release!! :D

Thanks for your advice MrMar! I am always happy to receive feed back from players :D  I hope that once the full game is released and you get your hands on it, the saving system will be up to your standards! 

<3 I can't wait for you to play it either! T . T

Hahahaha, Thank you so much for giving Quantum Suicide a try and also taking the time to comment! I am glad you liked it and am more than happy to feed your new QS addiction soon :D

Thank you so much for your excitement! 

(Sorry for such a slow reply T.T)

I do not have a Mac, so I am unable to test on my end but will try to locate someone with one to test on it. Just to be sure, have you unzipped the file? I know that on some PC's it looks like you don't need to and when you click on the executable file nothing happens. I will get back to you once I have info on Macs!

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It should work on Mac - The game build that I have done is PC, Mac and Linux :D

This is both one of my favourite and confusing comments. I am in suspense here! Reminds you of...?

When it is released, it will be compatible for Windows :)

Unfortunately SecretSnow we have had some set backs T.T and production is on hold.

I am hoping that we can pick it up ASAP and get it out! I will keep you posted. Thank you so much for wanting to play! :D

Hi RocktheGolem!

We unfortunately already have an English VA cast - however, I don't plan on this being our only game we make, so please contact us via our website so I can put you and your casting reel on file :D (If that's OK with you of course)

Thank you so much for your kind comments!

I am super happy that you enjoy the inclusion of different sexual preferences. I wanted to make it available in the game (as both the player character and the NPC's) but I didn't want it to be what made the game, I wanted it to compliment it :) So thank you for being excited and still waiting! I am sorry its being delayed but I hope you will love it when it comes out <3

Thank you so much!! Dai is one of my favourites to write so I am glad you like her :P

It will be compatible with Windows once it is release :)

Writing it now! Sorry for the delay - I have had glandular fever T.T

Why thank you TheGrangerParadox <3

Hi Elias0012!

        Thank you so much for your message and your support but I need you to really understand the gravity of your actions. Please listen well!

You think that your comment doesn't mean much but this is far from the truth. The time that you took to write your comment, and the comment itself means the world to me. Just because I have received support before, does not take away from or belittle the power of yours.  I am currently quite ill and am working my hardest each day to get a little bit more of Quantum Suicide done. Your comment changed my day and my mental state and I can't thank you enough. I was allowing being sick to get on top of me, but with your one comment I am renewed in spirit!

I am the luckiest developer in the world to have the community and support that I do. Please don't ever feel that your words fall short on others, and if they ever do, they don't deserve to have you.

<3 MoltenCherry 

Not a bother at all! 

Thank you so much for reminding me that this was not updated! As a one person studio things can slip through my hands especially as I am crunching hard to get this out :) Thank you again so much for politely letting me know so I could update it! :D

Thanks for trying the prologue/demo! The prologue is the beginning of the game and so the experience is very similar to the rest of the chapters. Hope that helps answer your question :)

Thank you so much for playing the demo Tom! I am so glad that you liked it! Danganronpa is also one of my favourite titles too :)

Thank you so much Xjwghg for giving the demo a try! We really hope you enjoy the full game when it's released <3

Hi DaLaFined!

Thank you so much for downloading Quantum Suicide and giving it a shot! I am glad that you liked it in the end and it makes us super happy that you are excited for the games final release! :D

I'm sorry you had issues downloading the file ><' I will look into it so thank you for mentioning an issue :)

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Hi SladeJT!

Thank you so much for giving the demo/s a shot! I am glad you like it regardless of the romance elements :P

We are really inspired by the Zero Escape series as well as the Danganronpa series so for you to get that feel means a lot to us! I really hope that the release does not disappoint you! Thanks for your kind words about the art and the voice acting, I will be sure to pass that on! We enjoy that you have been left wondering...that is exactly where we want you :P


Hey Konoi!

Thank you so much for your kind words - We are working really hard to bring everyone the best possible game we can!

Many people have asked about the romance options...but it's a tightly kept secret! I hope you find out first hand upon it's release when you follow your heart! I wish you all the best in your romantic endeavours :D

Hey Karikichi :)

The Voice actors are currently as follows:

KIMIKO: Yahiro

SHIZUKA: Otowa Sakuya

BEATRIX: Miru Kurumi

KATASHI: Watari Zemi

NIKOLAS: Babaten


AI: Miru Kurumi

The links take you to their profession pages, however, they are logged to be accessed only by Japan. Hope this helps answer your question!

Thanks heaps for the play through! I am supppper glad you liked it! :)