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Happy to see the new updates! I wanted to ask: is there any way to preserve your achievements when you update to the new version?

I didn't want to just ask a question without contributing something, here's how I got the old version to work on Mac:

I downloaded version 0.9.17 on a 2020 M1 MacBook Pro . I tried to open the application but I was confronted with the non-descriptive message: "The application cannot be opened". There have been other posts that say you have to open package contents then go to the folder "MacOS" to click the executable "wohgame". For some reason my computer did not recognize this as an executable, so I had to type 

chmod -R +x /Applications/

into the terminal to make it an executable (assuming your file is in the applications folder, you should be able to copy paste that line if you need it). Then I could run the executable in the package contents, but then you have to do the usual "Open anyway" security thing, as stated in other posts.

Hope this helps someone! Thanks again for the new content!!