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Thanks, I really appreciate it. I really tried to ensure that it felt smooth.  

I made sure that the deaths weren't counted so that people would just want to keep trying.

I am really glad you noticed all those details. =)

As a scratch connoisseur, i think this is the best game made in all of history.

yeah, i know, but because i am using c# and not using any engine it's difficult to do that, as i said in a post below.

Thanks, it was just an error i made once when i forgot to convert radians to degrees once and i thought it would look cool here.

yeah, i tired to but because i have to use my school laptop to makes in c# and because of that i can't get publishing tools, so i can't get sound. In future i will try to find a way around it.

that's a real funny ha ha.

I really thing this game is fun but the aiming feels really clunky for how accurate you need to be to hit things, you need to have either someway of making the arrow more obvious to where you are going to hit (like make it longer or more  of a line shape) or have some way of slowing it down to aim better.

but i love what you have got here :)