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love this. short and sweet but very profound :)

I'm not very good with reviews, but I have to say this piece of interactive fiction is so fun to read. I love how everything unfolds, the mystery, the characters, etc. It's all so interesting to read! I like the pacing, the way new information is revealed, how the scenes are written. I like the format & design of the reader as well, it's really comfortable and easy on the eyes. Character customization is surprisingly detailed, in a good way of course. Also... Blake & Rylan have captured my heart haha :) Keep up the amazing work, Author <3

Loved every single bit of this game. The graphics are so pretty! I love the animations and lighting. The ambience is amazing as well, it keeps sucking me into the game's world as I play. I wouldn't say it's a short short game, because the pacing is fitting for a gameplay/story like this. The story is really sad and touching. I enjoy hearing about the perspectives of various characters and the main character's as well. I look forward to what you publish next! :)

This is breathtaking. Thanks for making this.

I've had a similar case in the past and it really felt like the protagonist was speaking to me. For a few weeks now, I've been doing a lot of introspection and time-out from the net, realizing that none of it felt quite real. Thanks for sending your message out to the world.

Oh, to be a crow and eat good, good pudding...

This game is really nice! I like the graphics and the noir music, it really fits the mood. I'm looking forward to more stuff like this!

Short, but this game keeps me hooked until the end! The art style is cute and the humor is welcome. Thanks for putting this out there!

Ah, this game is very interesting to play! I like the simplicity of point-and-click games and you've managed to mash it up with the game's aesthetic. Warm tones with sweet yet melancholic music, darker tones with a chilling music; the mood of this game is neatly crafted and set. I also like how the plot rolls out - it doesn't leave too much mystery, just enough mystery to let me wonder about the world the librarian lives in. Again, well done! I look forward to playing other games of yours.

The atmosphere, the art and the music really got me hooked. It's a nice, peaceful game, and I just had to take my time looking at all the details and exploring. Thank you for making this game!

This was a unique and fun experience! The art is really cute and I like how everything shakes when you jump. XD The concept is interesting as well, I had to replay the game all over again to make different choices and get different outcomes. Thank you for making this, I look forward to more! :)

THIS. IS. A. CUTE. GAME. AAA. I've been playing fantastical, "I will make you have a heart attack" games lately but this one is a refreshing one. I like the conflict that happens between the MC and Joyce, because both of them weren't wrong. But in the end, they needed each other, and it really warmed my heart. I like how you also gave the choice to study art/etc. or go to sleep, because that's a real, relatable conflict right there! I feel like I also have to mention that I like the song on the end credits. It's my fave song from the game, had to hear it again from the extras! Keep up the good work!

First of all, amazing graphics. The colors, the art, the simple yet adorable character design has got me piqued. I like how Kimo glides through the game, it's satisfying to see! I suggest adding a save button to save progress, because I quit the game to see that I have yet to start over. It's disappointing to see. But otherwise, the graphics, the soundtrack and everything else is amazing! Would recommend to my friends.