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How do you always come up with games that have wildly different vibes yet somehow all appeal to me? Looking forward to this one so much.

This is a bit late, but I'm just amazed at how tight this game is - it's so neatly done and so evocative especially with how the creator makes a simple 'good vs evil' conflict so layered. Good job!

This is one of those games that gets a huge amount of points from me based off aesthetics alone. I'm more into lore than mechanics, and I love the whole Wildsea concept.

Amazing worldbuilding and incredible artwork to go with, especially in helping me visualise what the rest of the world would look like. Thank you for this game.

This looks amazing, I hope I can purchase it soon!

By the way, may I ask about the game warnings (e.g. gore, jumpscares, etc)?

A very interesting game, but something a little frustrating is that if you go to Gideon first and take his testimony, the game sort of traps you if you haven't gotten some other evidence first - you can't exit his dialogue but Ada keeps telling you to examine the Miriam's arrival bit even if you don't have anything to accuse or contradict him with.

Everything about this game scratched an itch I didn't even know I had. Just. The concepts are all amazing. The replayability value is insane and I keep wanting to go back and see what new dialogue I can unlock by shifting a stat here or choosing an option there. The use of word puzzles is also really cool as a mechanic.

I also just really love Cor Meum, what an amazing being lol. I liked how for me the game went from incredibly philosophical/psychological with Fernweh for Weird Company Orientation with Cor Meum to "who this reporter" with Deulithoteq. It was really enjoyable to stream this with my friends!

Word of advice: Don't play Fernweh's bit at night since we ended up going down an incredibly philosophical path and I had zero brain juice lmao.

It’s really good, I like how it combines funny stuff with genuinely heartbreaking text!!

Loved this a lot! Just something to point out, but if I get to the 'Your heart' choice and then choose "YOU. WERE. IN LOVE. WITH. ME." option I just get a blank page.

everything about this is lovely.

can i ask what font was used for the main text?

Absolutely beautiful from the pictures to the concept. Not only is it great for world building for other campaigns, it's also really strong standalone and I love the vibe of the art! The creator's work in general is also very creative and I'm really blown away by the kind of ideas they keep coming up with.

Definitely worth trying out with an RPG group !!!