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Me fez refletir por horas sobre o que é a vida e como ela te abre as portas, mas te fecha as janelas. Nota vinizinho/10

Played and Rated <3

Played and Rated <3 It was funny to jump over the cacti

Played and Rated <3 It is a very interesting puzzle game, nice!

Played and Rated <3 Check out my rate at your comments

It needs a console version, 'cause I'm in love with this game!!!

Played and Rated <3 Take a look at the comments

Nothing to complain. It was fantastic (some animations for the characters could be additive, but it is still awesome)

We wanted to make a Boss after some waves at the second room, but there was no more time for us :( But thanks for the comment <3

Played and Rated <3 Check out your comments

Unfortunately I clicked at quit when I died because the button appeared right at the cursor position. But good job <3

Played and rated <3 Good job <3

I loved it. The sounds, the art, the game design. Maybe less flashy screens could make it better, but  was a pleasure to play this <3

Heey, i loved the idea and the SFX, buuut i could not move the blue character. Was that a bug or what?

Would you play my game and rate it too? :3

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Drop in the comments below your game link and i'll play&rate .

While I play your game, could you play and rate my game? Here's the link:

We needed to remove the tutorial :(

You're right, that first time was a preparation for the arena Battlefield.

Thanks for rating and playing :3

Tell me if you like It :3