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I found a discussion here:

I don't understand why there is no package yet to upgrade 19.10 because it seems that even the packages from 19.04 do the job:

sudo apt install ./multiarch-support_2.29-0ubuntu2_i386.deb
After that you can install Pro Motion.

I now know what you mean. Multiarch means running 32bit and 64bit applications. There should be updates for Ubunu 19.10 that will enable this again because as to my knowledge they stepped back from their decision to block 32bit applications with 19.x. Will try to find some details but since I'm not a Linux guy it's always hard to read all the kilometers of posts to find a solution for a problem :-/

Need to check what that means :-/ Will do some research. I'm not very familiar with all the Linux stuff. But... you should be able to simply install "Wine" on your system and then install the normal Windows version with it. The all-in-one-packages for Linux are only for convenience but not really required.