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I got 2 bad endings and now what i think is the good ending. Im scared to play again because i don't want another bad one.

edit: I don't know if that ending was good or not? The survivor ending. THe last option was to text or to forget. Would I have gotten a ending I already have?

edit 2: same ending but different image.

Final Thoughts about the Game: Wonderful game, I love the art style and hwow the story pans out in each path. I Like that the game took on such a dark topic and handled it so well without it becoming cliche. Good game solid 8/10

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Tags: Horror

ive seen some comments but i don't know if they're jokes

edit: the whispers are scary please stop

edit 2: the ominous you are being watched and then the screen freaking out was terrifying. headphones are off now i don't care what you say

final edit: good game. alot less scary when you're not sleep deprived and playing in the dark

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uninstalled within 13 seconds of the begginging cutscene too scary