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Pretty neat!

Short but enjoyable. Very cool style, as others have said I'd love to see more games emerge similar to this, well done!

Cool concept, reminded me of Hello Neighbor.

Nice vibe, had a good time. 

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Wow, I wasn't expecting to laugh at this. Well done.

This game is so much fun and who couldn't love the aesthetics. I can't wait for the completed version.

I loved this, can't wait for more!

I was able to just fine?

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Please continue this! Konbini Life has left me hanging for a couple of years now, and I'm usually not a fan of visual novels. Lady's Choice is the only one I've managed to complete, for obvious reasons. This is very promising!

It's fun but I noticed you can trap yourself in the old mans house before he closes the door, with no way out.

It works for me.

Please complete this game someday.

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I wasn't sure how to highlight/move between the items, if I hit enter it closes the shop.

Edit: Nevermind! It's working now, Idk what the issue was before. I restarted it a few times and it worked.

I'm loving the game, but I'm not sure what keys are used to buy or sell things from Jenny's pawn shop?