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waaah, this game is so wonderful!! the atmosphere is somber and mysterious, I got sucked into the world immediately!! the characters too are so interesting and fun to get to know, you two did a great job on everything!! I love issa so much... I want to drink with her forever (I also really wanted issa to stab me... but I think that's more my problem LOL)

WAAAH YAY, IT'S OUT! AND IT'S WONDERFUL!! tomai is so fun and well written and great to look at-- there's so much content to go through and enjoy! arcade party and dcs are both amazing developers, and they both brought their all to make tomai really amazing. all the characters are super fun and bring something unique to the story, and to tomai's life as well! the replay value is really great too; I super recommend everyone play it and fall in love with everyone like I did, eheheh.

I played this the other night with my friends we had so much fun, it was so wonderful!!! the timing of the papa jokes absolutely killed us, and we ended up getting so attached to our monster by the end, wow. the sylios ending was definitely my favorite part,  we were hoping through the whole first end that something good would come from him and it turned out so so good!! I'm aspiring to make vns as well and playing this was both super fun and inspiring, eheheh. keep up the great work!!! <3

wonderful!!!! such a joy to play and such an awesome aesthetic, plus nami's soundtrack is perfect!! can't wait for more!! ;o;

OH SHIT, definitely, we can't forget Larry!!!

This game is honestly so fucking fun. Slade, Andre, and Disco Soul are a wonderful OT3.