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First of all, this game is adorable and I love it.

I wanted to wait until I unlocked all of the Stegosauruseseseses because of how adorable they were, but I think I might have broken the game? Or the amount you need to unlock the last 2 eggs is very high! 

I filled the bar up at around 40k but nothing happened, kept going to 60k but still no new egg. So I missed two steggy bois.

Regardless, the game is incredibly cute and I enjoyed seeing the different designs! A few of my favourites were [Spoilers] the rainbow one, the hermit crab, and the l a r g e boi (especially for making it easier to click for hearts)

10/10 sequel please

 Really cool idea, love the style!

Great little game. Simple gameplay and pretty fun! 

The cursed mechanic is cool, but I wish it did more than just control you for a short amount of time. Not too sure what changes to suggest however.

Only issue I found is that if you pick up a crew member close to an island, you have to move further away and back into it in order for it to deliver them.

Overall great work!

I really enjoyed this game! I love the art style, the audio, the playstyle; it's perfect! I love how fun the controls are. I wasn't able to get the car stuck anywhere, despite my best efforts! 

I don't think it would take too much to make this into a fully fledged game. Maybe a points shop to buy customisations for your car? Unlock new areas? A few miscellaneous gamemodes?

My only complaint was that there wasn't a way to view my high scores.

Brilliant game overall, loved it!

Thank you so much! This Jam was a lot of fun and I can't wait for the next one :)

It looks really cool. but the game keeps crashing so I can't really review it. Can't seem to find a direct cause for it either, it'll just crash at random points. Never got to challenge the mayor. Pls fix so I can play ddr against the mayor, that looks fun!

The is the second screenshot part of the game? It looks really cool but I couldn't find that area.

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This game is seriously awesome. Love the style and the gameplay works brilliantly. Can't wait to see more of it :)

EDIT: wanted to go into more detail. The controls for the SMG are brilliant, you've nailed the mechanical feel of it; pinging off the rails after reloading feels so satisfying too.

I would love to see an assault rifle of some kind with similar reloading mechanic to the SMG