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it’s live! You can buy it on itch now for 1.99 as a standalone!

Waiting to hear from the publisher but with any luck a standalone build will be posted on itch soon! Just getting the page ready. 

lol this is too far gone for help

get off my stage I’m the sandman

oh no my eyes

it’s me dog

nice! but can u do under a minute 😉 

Thanks for checking it out and the video too!


no worries!

it's actually being tracked here! 

(looks like someone is already sub-11

Hello! And I'm looking in to making a PC/downloadable build but not sure when I'll get around to it. 


no bones make you even more deadly :)


...for now

Thanks for playing and for the video! More silly games is very likely :D

it’s in the kitchen, top of the screen

Thanks! And it can help if you push more than one key at a time. Alternating Q+E and Q+W lets you shimmy your way around the room a bit easier!

love and hate is my game design philosophy! lol thanks for playing and making a video!!

current world record (that I’m aware of) is 12 seconds 😄

i dunno, I think your 90 year old grandma could play this 😁

the record right now is 12 seconds, isn’t that bonkers

glad you found it funny and thanks for the video! 😂

your forearms must be shredded


Currently no, but I may reveal it some day. I should probably also say that the original "reward" for finding the secret has been completed, so at this point it would just be for fun :)

Thanks! Ya, I'm slowly plugging away at a larger one but I had to get this thing out of my system lol.

technically, you don't.

yo i think we have the same dreams.

Prom is wild these days apparently.


aw why thank you! :D

Thanks! And nah, you're not dumb lol. It was designed to be potentially pretty difficult but still have room for people to master (if they wanted to put themselves through that LOL).

Er hat es einfach getan :)

More Man Man is always a possibility!

Unfortunately, you technically currently can't. You could zoom in your browser until it fills the whole screen, but that's more of a workaround. I'm hoping to find time to make a standalone downloadable build, but no promises!

Hey thanks for making a video and checking out some of my other games! I'll try and peep your video later today!

Personally, I prefer my serial killers to be bone-in.

i don't even know anymore.