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Hi there! Thanks for making a video for this one as well!  And I hear ya, I'm pretty much a blob until 2 hours after I wake up.  Also, there's a bit more to the game and it technically has a second ending ;) 

ambiance is the true monster of life

thank you for playing it!

lol this is the reaction I'm aiming for.  Thank you!

Thank you!  I really appreciate it!  

Can't get murdered if you murder yourself first.

It's taken me a while to get back to some of these comments but I just watched your video and spooking you out of your chair is the best possible thing I could've hoped for! :DD Thank you for including it in your video and for taking the time to play it!

lol, i'm glad you noticed the racing tag ;) And thank you for the feedback!

Hi! Thank you for including both games in your video and taking the time to play them!  I really appreciate it and I love the video!  (The parts that I could understand anyways :D, my French is rusty and I haven't had any lessons since high school. )

Hi! Happy to hear that you like the game! And nope, there is only the one ending. :)

you got it! it was a misunderstanding and the thing just wanted to be friends, so we're all good now.

Thanks! Glad to share the fear :D

Thank you! I'll be sure to check out the video when I get a chance later.

thank you, i will do my best!

Thanks for checking it out and for including it in your video!

sorry to hear that. you could try the download standalone files and hopefully that works out better.

it's meant to be the sound of someone scratching on the walls.  glad it worked!

Hi Dizzy! Thanks for the nice words! I'm working on something else that will be a little bit longer and still horror-ish, so hopefully I can share that soon :D

>: )

Thank you for playing the game! Glad you liked it!

lolol, I had to put that "failsafe" in there, as I was anticipating someone breaking the game.  Funny to see it in video though! Thanks for checking it out!

Thank you! And hopefully I'll have something else finished soon ; )

Thank you! And I will certainly try to!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

Hello! It is not, it's just that short segment that you played through.

Sorry you didn’t like the controls man, thanks for checking it out though!

Thank you! And you're in luck! I released another short, minute-long horror game a few days ago :D

(it's different in tone and style and not directly related though.)

Hi there! Unfortunately, it doesn't work on mobile.  It can only be played on a PC.

Don't look back ; )

Thanks for checking it out!  Love the video, keep it up! 

Thanks for checking out the game and making a video! Definitely the first Italian "Let's Play" video I've gotten! No plans for a sequel but I did release another minute-long horror game recently :D

: D

That's what I'm aiming for, thank you for checking it out!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

Thank you! And there’s a “You Win” and a “You Lose” and that’s all I will say. : )

It's probably the one I would choose too. : )

That's very nice of you, but no worries, these are alllllll for freeeeeeeeee!

Thanks for playing and making a video!  And funny you should mention, I actually posted a new game yesterday :)

Thank you!

Thanks! There is technically two. : )