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hmm, that's interesting, I haven't come across that bug yet but I'll poke around. thanks for letting us know! In the meantime, could you see if it works in another browser

funny you mention it because he just posted the video like 10 minutes ago :D

hello! I believe he will be making a video but I don’t want to speak on his behalf. I’m assuming he’s quite busy but will eventually get around to it as per this tweet:

Hi All! We’re extending the initial deadline to end of January to give people more time to finish up! Thanks! 

Of course! Just make sure you have it reuploaded before the cutoff (which we just bumped to end of January as several people needed more time) 

hello! I’m one of the organizers of the game jam and just wanted to let you know (since you submitted early) that we’re extending the deadline until end of January for submissions! Just wanted to give you a heads up, in case there was any additional stuff you wanted to add now that the time has been extended. 

you can absolutely use assets, I mean the house itself is a premade asset after all. 

I don't see why not! If you're going down the path of making several short games, then it may be ideal to combine them in to one "collection"/final project. 

Sorry about that, it was the right URL, however it was linking to an old code. It should work just fine now!

hey thank you, you’re too kind! Glad to have you in the jam!

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I threw together a quick Discord server and put a "looking for group" channel in it as well!

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I just threw one together quickly, in case people find that it would be helpful!

ooooo this is a good idea! We didn't want to make purchasing the asset a requirement, as we didn't want the cost to prohibit anyone from participating, so hopefully this thread helps inspire some ideas. I'll throw in my perspective from making "The Open House" but you basically already nailed the two large points I was attempting to capture in that game, in regards to the house. 

The first was using the default layout, as people are so familiar with it now. I wanted people to walk in to that house and feel like they had been there before. I think for the jam, you could recreate the house using other assets or aesthetic styles and it would still be instantly recognizable upon entry. 

The second was what the house "represented" so far in the indie scene. Basically the types of games it's used in and what the themes of those games usually are. You could, in theory, have your game take place in another suburban environment (like a neighbor) or deal with the aftermath of an event that occurred in the "HQ_Residential_House!" 

But! Be as creative with your interpretation as you want or need to be! You're not limited to a genre, physical environment, aesthetic style or anything! If HQ_Residential_House makes you want to make a visual novel with Match-3 style gameplay, do it up! 

You are more than welcome and thank you for playing it!

I'm considering printing this out and hanging it above my computer lol. But for real, thank you for the nice words!

I appreciate this spoiler free reply as well :)

Thanks for checking it out and for making a video!

Correct, it is "complete."

hi thanks for checking it out! And actually, there’s a few more endings you’re missing 😉

Hmm, provided nothing is broken, the game should automatically advance after you find 4 of those spooky details. Maybe there's one you haven't found yet?

Thank you so much! And as of right now, this was just a one off idea for me. But never say never!

i may have another idea or two that is similar in tone ;)

Thank you for playing it and for the info on the Linux version!

This is one of the best compliments I have ever received. Thank you!

You are too kind :)

:D hey thank you very much!

Hi there! Thanks for making a video for this one as well!  And I hear ya, I'm pretty much a blob until 2 hours after I wake up.  Also, there's a bit more to the game and it technically has a second ending ;) 

ambiance is the true monster of life

thank you for playing it!

lol this is the reaction I'm aiming for.  Thank you!

Thank you!  I really appreciate it!  

Can't get murdered if you murder yourself first.

It's taken me a while to get back to some of these comments but I just watched your video and spooking you out of your chair is the best possible thing I could've hoped for! :DD Thank you for including it in your video and for taking the time to play it!

lol, i'm glad you noticed the racing tag ;) And thank you for the feedback!

Hi! Thank you for including both games in your video and taking the time to play them!  I really appreciate it and I love the video!  (The parts that I could understand anyways :D, my French is rusty and I haven't had any lessons since high school. )

Hi! Happy to hear that you like the game! And nope, there is only the one ending. :)

you got it! it was a misunderstanding and the thing just wanted to be friends, so we're all good now.

Thanks! Glad to share the fear :D