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I gave master everything and then some, I won't abandon him no matter the cost to my dwindling sanity as his servant. On an actual not without being a weird writer, rock boys made me very anxious and terrified me. 

Don't know what I was looking at but it was one of the most pleasant and terrifying things I've seen... which doesn't mean I even understood what I was looking at 10/10 if I don't understand it can only mean I haven't descended far enough into madness.

My friend watched as I stuffed my face with enough food for three people and had the audacity to interrupt me for conversation... In protest I ate enough for five people.

Certainly can say that I in fact of my own accord without a doubt felt... compelled

Enjoyed the concept of the game and the playthrough was pretty good. Left me more so curious about the story than anything though and the world that it just dips its toe into. Don't know if it's world will be touched up on again but, enjoyed what little I saw into it.

Had a successful dinner party now; I do wish I could chat longer, but I'm having an old friend for dinner. 

Great flowers and just a beautiful game with some surprisingly tough puzzles.  Hexagonal style really adds to the flare and the music is just magnifique (trying to do that weird like french accent with it).  Anyway just a fun game definitely give it a shot.

Dude what a game, I mean the writing was just phenomenal.  Legitmately, Mr. Stitches has become one of my favorite video game characters just too cool. Just an absolute beast of a villain and I would never betray him.

   - Mr. Stitches Loyalist

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A really strange game with eerie visuals, kudos to you man what a odd sci-fi story. I've only done one quick playthrough and everything from the visuals, music, and dialogue leave me with so many thought provoking questions. I mean the writing and pacing is just SO good. I'll be looking forward to whatever you're doing next. 

Dude, what an absolute trip of a game. Love the weird dialogue and the art style... I just gotta know what's using this sewer

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Oh no I got back and completed it but, just thought it was a little tedious as I died more than once and just had to repeat the same segment. Still think it's fantastic and all just made took me out after the second death, which was admittedly me just kinda being trash at survival horror.

Love the game and though it was slow play it was a good type of slow... if that makes sense. The story was phenomenally written and the dialogue was absolutely beautiful. My only question is... where are my chickens, like was that a glitch or do they all just vanish one day. Besides the latter, the game's a solid 8.5/10. 

Man... I can't stop thinking of the music so good.

Bought the bundle, like a ton of people really should. Love the game with everything from atmosphere to sound design honestly chilled me... like really chilled me. Not to mention the writing of the notes and journals you find are phenomenal and really add to the experience. My only problem is that the game when confronting that thing in the place (Trying to avoid spoilers) you don't get a save point and repeating that whole segment made it more of a drag then a horror experience. Still I think I'd recommend this game.

Neat little game with an interesting concept which has great visual charm. Each of the plants have some great pixel art attached to them and like most plants game is satisfying to watch grow. Only real problem I have is that it moves a little to fast to enjoy everything about it. Still though, a fun little play.