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I finally got my video up. It's a pretty good game. I was frustrated in some parts but I also wasn't really shooting for the head, so it got easier once i realized that. I thought I got a headshot or 2 early in the game and assumed it didn't do anything different, but I was mistaken and must've missed the head. I kept playing the previous version until I beat it because I didn't want to give up. His speed is probably fine in that version now that I realize I was playing it wrong. Thanks for the fun, dude! I'll be looking forward to a part 3 if that's something you plan to do one day. 

Pretty cool so far, man. There's some badass weapons in there with some fun kills. It could probably use some more hiding spots to give it more of a stealthy feel but it's still pretty fun as it is. Thanks, dude!

This is pretty cool, man. Definitely a nice upgrade from the original game. He scared me good the 1st time I ran into him haha. Thanks, dude! I'll be checking out part 2 soon. 

Wow this is really cool, dude! You have great taste in movies. It's always cool to see new stuff from you. Thanks, man!

That was pretty cool, man. The atmosphere was so creepy that I was expecting the worst to happen at any moment haha. Nice job, dude! Keep up the good work!

Ooh I like what I'm seeing here so far. It's a nice, dark intro to the game. I can't wait to see what other twisted things await us in the full version. Thanks!

Pretty interesting game. The atmosphere is really creepy and I enjoy the way the story is told. I hope you make some more games like this one day. Thanks!

Pretty cool little experience. The atmosphere is really creepy but I kinda wish there was more going on here. Still an enjoyable game though. Thanks!

Damn, this game's scary as hell, dude! Those creepers in the hallways scared me good every time they jumped out haha. The cutscenes are badass too, I always love that in your games. I had a problem with the gun not working at times but was able to fix it by dropping it and picking it back up. Thanks for the fun, my man!

Wow, this is pretty damn good, dude! This was much better than I was expecting. Chucky scared the crap out of me pretty good in that graveyard haha. Thanks for the fun!

That was a fun experience for sure. It definitely has some scary moments. I was able to guess who the killer was pretty early but it's probably because I mostly watch 80s and 90s horror movies haha. Good stuff, dude. Thanks!

Thanks, dude! I'm always happy to hear that a dev enjoys my vid of their game. Having a good game to play makes it easier to keep the vid entertaining. So I appreciate you making my job easy haha

That was a lot of fun. That killer had some good jumpscares when he bashed through doors. And i can definitely appreciate a maniac in a Jason mask. Nice job, dude! Thanks for the fun!

That was pretty damn good, honestly. It creeped me the hell out the whole time. I wasn't prepared for that last scare, haha. Thanks!

This is pretty damn good, dude! I really like the cutscenes. I hope you keep going with this because it's badass already! Thanks!

This is pretty damn good. The underwater parts were really creepy. I hate being underwater haha. Nice job, dude! Thanks for the fun!

That was pretty fun. And funny! I had a great time playing this one. It's always a pleasure seeing a new game from you, my man. Thanks for everything you do!

There's some freaky stuff down in those sewers! It took me a little while to beat this one but eventually I found my way out of there and checked out both endings. Great job, dude! Your games are always among the scariest!

Pretty cool demo. I don't think I was able to get the voice recognition to work but it would've been pretty sweet to talk to some ghosts haha. Nice job so far. Thanks!

Badass game, dude! Thanks for giving us one last ride with Vall. It's always fun to play her games and see what she's up to. I can't wait to see how you end this series! It's been epic so far and I know I'll be happy and sad to see it all come to an end. Thanks for all your hard work, dude!

I searched for about an hour and never found the 8th page. I'm convinced that it's not there or is hidden like the 7th page was. The 7th page is still a mystery to me. I was able to grab it but never actually saw it. Or maybe I'm just blind. Still a fun game though. It's the usual Slender Man kind of game. I was hoping to actually win this time though haha. Thanks!

It's definitely an interesting game. I was confused at times but kept wanting to know what was gonna happen next. I found an ending in there somewhere and then kept playing to see what else I could find. I'll definitely keep an eye out for the full version because this is pretty cool already. Thanks!

It's looking good so far, dude. A little confusing at times, but I had a good time playing it. I'll definitely check it out again when it's a full game. Thanks!

Wow, dude.. this is really good! I didn't expect to be afraid of Okiku but you showed me otherwise by the end of it, haha. She really is to be feared. Thank you for making another amazing game! It's always a pleasure to try something new from you.

That's a pretty fun game. I like the little surprises waiting for you down there. It's got the old school Slendrina feel too. Nice job, dude! Thanks!

Pretty cool little game. I like the creepy atmosphere. I'm wondering what the story is with that dead guy who's wearing the same clothes as the main character. I dig your style, man. Thanks!

Hard mode is pretty tough now! I was able to finally beat it after trying a bunch of times. She destroyed me for a while before that though haha. Keep up the good work!

That was a cool experience. Those scarecrows are up to no good, haha. One suggestion I have for your games would be to adjust some of the audio. The footsteps and the sound for a new objective are pretty loud and the dialogue could be louder. Nice job though, dude! Its pretty fun. Thanks!

That was pretty cool, man. I loved the lightning in the sky too. There's a lot of little things to appreciate in this game. You did a great job on this for sure. I hope it will turn into a longer game one day. Thanks, dude!

Pretty cool game. I was hoping for some more jumpscares but it was still pretty fun. And funny. Thanks!

Whoa, this is pretty good, dude! The atmosphere is creepy as hell and that crazy guy got me pretty good haha. I can't wait to see more. Thanks!

That was pretty funny, dude. Definitely a cool game. Nice and weird. Exactly what I expect to see when I play one of your games haha. Thanks, dude!

This was a pretty cool experience. I went down 80+ flights of stairs hoping to make it to the end, and I'm not sure if what I found was actually the end. I doubt it was since my flashlight was dead and I was running in the dark. There's not a whole lot to this one but I kept wanting to know what would happen next, so I just kept going. Pretty fun though. Thanks!

I played both of these last night and put them together in a vid. The 1st one was pretty cool and had a nice, strange vibe. The 2nd one became pretty annoying at times because you have to hear ALL of the dialogue again if you die. And of course I died a bunch because I didn't understand what that ghostly creature was doing until it got me a bunch of times. So a checkpoint will probably save some time (and sanity.) Not a bad game though. I had fun. Thanks!

Hey this is actually pretty fun! It's a simple little game but I had a good time checking it out. Pretty cool, man. Thanks!

I wouldn't say that anything in the game annoyed me. Some people might not download it since it's an exe file though. Adding a rar file would probably be less annoying to some. 

I like what you did with this one. It had a strange vibe for sure and looked really cool. The enemy was a little challenging at first but not so bad once you figure out what to do. Thanks for the fun! Nice job!

Hey this is pretty cool! The atmosphere is really creepy and I loved not knowing what might be a few feet away in the dark. Nice job, dude! Thanks!

It's a cool little game for sure. I wish there was more to it because it was getting good at the end. It's a fun little experience though. Thanks! Also.. Do you know where I can buy that brand of toilet paper? Haha

There's definitely some creepy stuff in this game, and some good scares. Some parts are kinda slow and drawn out though, which kinda took me out of it at times. It's not a bad game or anything, but I found myself a little bored in some parts. Pretty cool experience overall though. Thanks!