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Pretty cool game so far. I definitely like what I'm seeing and it's pretty interesting to explore the areas. I gotta admit though, I felt a bit underwhelmed when it ended. I think maybe the game page set my expectations a little higher than they should've been, I don't know. It's a cool start though but it just felt like a long prologue to me. I'll be back for another episode for sure though. Thanks!

It's all good. It made a pretty entertaining ending haha

I love the voice acting in this game. I didn't expect the challenge that awaited but it definitely made it more fun than the usual easy walking sim Spongebob games. It was like a Jigsaw crossover haha. I'm also not sure what happened at the end. I died and then the ending played while the boss fight restarted and played the audio for both during the ending. Maybe we both died at the same time? Not sure. But I still had a great time! Thanks for the fun!

That place is definitely creepy! The maniacs got me a few times but eventually I was able to get all 4 endings. It's always a great time exploring these weird places you send us to! Thanks for the fun, my friend!

This game is amazing! This might have made me jump more than any other game I've played before. And I usually don't jump at all. Very nicely done!

Great game, dude! I didn't find Jason in my 1st run but I went back in to track him down and get my ass kicked a few times haha. Thanks!

Those aliens were creepy as hell! It's definitely a worthy ending for this series, and it has been a blast playing them all. The noises in this game gave me the damn chills haha. Great job, my friend!

This is so damn good! It's fun to play and just looks amazing! Thank you for all that you do, my friend!

I had a good time killing all of those grannies haha. I wasn't sure what I was doing at first but I knew something was coming with all of that ammo laying around. Thanks for the fun, my friend! I always love seeing new games from you!

That Ronald is pretty damn scary! I had a good time playing this one. Thanks for the fun!

This is pretty damn good! It actually made me jump once or twice too haha. I'll definitely be back for the full version. Thanks!

Pretty cool game, although I was confused in some spots and was only able to find 3 endings. I never found the gun after playing for about 90min. But I still had a good time and he scared me pretty good haha. Thanks!

I love how you filmed your own footage for the tapes. That was really cool to watch. Fun game too. I was a little lost at times but wanting to see more tapes kept me going haha. Thanks for the fun!

That was pretty fun! It seemed pretty well made for an FPSC game. I managed to get through it but damn it had some cheap enemies in some spots haha. Thanks!

That was pretty interesting. I wasn't sure what was going on sometimes but I still had a good time playing it. It's a little different than a lot of other games I play but that's also a good thing. I can't wait to see what you do next! Thanks for the fun!

I agree that some parts were a little tedious but overall it felt like it fit pretty well with the game. It was pretty interesting watching the story unfold and wondering what was gonna happen next. I would definitely like to see a sequel that continues the story. Don't beat yourself up over it. It was still a nice, dark game and remained entertaining. 

This is pretty good. The clown looked cool and I enjoyed the comedy in there. I can't wait to see what you do next! Thanks for the fun!

Great game, dude! That was a lot of fun. Those Simpsons are tougher than I thought! Haha, thanks!

This game's pretty fun! And creepy as hell when Hannah just suddenly comes out from behind something and starts chasing haha. I had a good time with this one. Thanks!

That was pretty good! Home invasion horror games always feel pretty scary, especially when you're playing all alone late at night. Can't wait for chapter 2! Thanks for the fun!

That was pretty damn creepy! I'll definitely be back for the full version. Esther is up to no good haha, Thanks!

Wow, this is pretty damn good! Definitely one of the scarier backrooms games I've played. I loved it! Thanks for the fun!

That was really creepy! Nicely done, my friend! Exploring the killer's house was pretty fun too. There's a lot of weirdness around there. Thanks, dude!

That was pretty damn creepy and the story was awesome! I love it when you use real footage like that in the intro and endings too. Keep up the great work, my friend! I always love these found footage games.

Also, wanted to ask.. Is your page unpublished? I don't see your games in my feed here on itchio and none of them come up when I search for them. I was only able to find this from the trailer you posted on youtube. Just wanted to let you know your stuff is invisible on this site.

Pretty damn cool, man. I dig the style of this one. It had some good creepy moments in there. Thanks for the fun, my friend!

I had a good time playing this one. Some parts were a little tricky but not too bad to figure out. Shrek was definitely creepy though! Thanks for the fun!

That was pretty cool, man. Some of those scares got me good too. You never know what will happen in your games and I love that about them! Thank you, my friend!

Pretty cool, i like what you did with this one. Very interesting the whole time. Thank you!

I had a lot of fun with this one. It's so damn funny. And I like how we learned more about that bum guy. Good stuff, my friend!

Pretty cool, my friend! It actually took me a little while to figure out what to do in this one but still had a good time checking it out. I don't know what was on that weird tape but I accidentally put the code in backwards and found that haha. Thanks for the fun!

That bunny's pretty freaky looking! I love your weird style, my friend! It's always a gerat time playing your games. Thank you!

That was awesome. This game has some of the best endings of all time! Thanks for the fun!

I went way back to check out some of your older games. That was definitely interesting and weird. I wish it was longer because ot was creeping me the hell out the longer I stayed in there haha. Thanks!

Pretty cool game with some interesting areas to explore. I wish it was longer! Thanks!

That was pretty challenging at times but also a really cool experience. Nicely done! Thanks for the fun!

That was pretty damn good! Lots of creepy, tense moments in this game. And a very unexpected scene with a table saw haha. Thanks for the fun!

I'm not sure how it works but there should be a way to file a DMCA claim. I don't know if it's done on that site but there are other sites out there that you can file a claim with (I think that's how it works, not 100% sure)

Thank you, my friend!