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A member registered Feb 19, 2015

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This is cool :O It reminds me of downwell, but in reverse. There's a little bug where you can hit multiple upgrade machines before they deduct your currency to go into negative, but it doesn't affect much.

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I've just completed my first run. I am aware it's not the whole game.

The game felt a tad easy. However, it might be because I was lucky? I don't know how the average generation turns out, as I completed on my 3rd attempt (I think? roughly, bad at counting). I'll have to play much more to know. Here are some of my thoughts so far:

Healing seems too strong. I feel like it trivialises certain aspects of the game. This is especially so when acquiring more than 1.

Being immune to bomb also feels really strong too. I only had to fight a few enemies that exceeded my attack because I would just dance around bombs when I encounter something that is too strong. Many other items are also strong, however, they require tokens to utilise. Perhaps deducting a token for each turn it protects you would be a viable balance?

Additional health never feels worth a slot. Although this might be because I'm not experience enough to understand why it's good?

First world is feels a little too easy. Hence, it might run the risk of feeling repetitive/tedious because it's the stage where you always need to get through. I feel like there is a difficulty bump from world 1 to 2? And if world 1 is very slightly more difficult, it will balance be a smoother curve. Edit: I take back what i said about first world being too easy. As someone else mentioned it really depends on the first few enemies encountered. It can be very hard, or very easy. Hmm :)

Edit Edit: Still not quite sure how i feel about the first world, there is something about it that I kind of dislike, maybe it is because the decision tree isn't as varied? And as a result, it feels like I am not making enough meaningful decisions.

This might sound silly but, I feel that the "escape" thing which looks like a sandcastle isn't communicated well: I ran around the entire map looking for the exit before realising it's the sandcastle I need to get to. It will probably only affect first play-through but still...

Turns seem like a weird metric for leaderboard scoring, but then again, it's pretty hard to come out with good metric for randomly generated games. :\

It bugs me that walking into dome takes a turn while pressing E doesn't. :P