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A very strange and interesting roguelike, I'd describe it as "Silent Hill meets Condemned, with 200% more meat and enough mimics to give a DnD player PTSD flashbacks".  I especially like how weird and twisted the enemy and gun designs can be, such as a triple-fire shotgun made of 3 of them welded together with meat and the Cringe (a.k.a. the deadly wailing doorframe). The "friendly" meats are no less messed up too, poor Huggs took a lot of accidental hits due to surprising me around a corner or being near a mimic when I attacked it.

Between the low-fi graphics, the freaky enemy designs and the constant feeling of being unsafe and stalked by monstrosities, this game gets genuinely tense and scary at points without resorting to hardcoded jumpscares.1 Before you know the signs of a nearby mimic, having them attack out of nowhere is genuinely terrifying, and even once you know what to look and listen for, they'll still get you by sneaking up behind you or hiding among cluttered areas that make it hard to pick them out. I especially panicked whenever grabbing the last key for a floor, since that always was followed by every unkilled mimic going active (complete with a chorus of the moaning and crunching noises they make when coming out of hiding state) and swarming to stop me before I could reach the elevator.

The non-mimics were thoroughly spooky too, from a murderous pair of legs, to a floating meatwad that charges all over, to an eyeball chandeleir/crusher combo. I figured SH had grabbed up all the interesting meat monster designs there were, but each new meat critter surprised me with how messed up and dangerous it was. Mr. Pants was the bane of every run he showed up in, the persistent little jerk.

This is an excellent roguelike, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it evolves over time. I started playing just before the memento-picking update, so just that was already a nice improvement, and I like the hud placement changes and Field additions that keep appearing with each update.


Just curious, now that I've beaten Castle and reclaimed Her Head, is there anywhere else to go, or are any other completeable objectives like getting Son his refreshment implemented yet? I'm assuming this is it, since this is a very early demo version, but it'd be nice to know if there's anything else left to do.

I really liked just how much scarier Castle was than the usual monsters. Immensely tall, horrifying appearance even by meat standards, doesn't hide, has a blade arm, and is willing to chase you forever unless you find a hiding spot like the exit "elevator" with the note. I also noticed that once I found a triple shotgun and started taking big chunks of his health with it, he started running away instead of idling or chasing, which made it really satisfying to finally track down, corner and end him.

Also, not sure if it's a glitch or intentional, but as soon as I put Her Head on the black poles, my view was filled with light like it would be during spawning into a floor, but it stayed permanently even though I could still move and interact. It stayed like this until I save and quit then rebooted the game, where I'd respawn in the field just before putting Her Head on the pole, and it would happen again if I redid it. I'm guessing that's the "congrats, you beat the demo" indication, but I figured I'd say something just in case it wasn't.

Sure! After all, since I've already gotten 57 hours of enjoyment out of this game (according to the itch client) so far, it's only fair that I let you know that you made something awesome and say thanks.

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After trying a whole bunch of roguelikes (including DCSS), this is the one that finally "clicked" for me, and I love it.  The atmosphere created by the sound effects, the tilesets, the AI and the dialogue is great. The game itself plays nice and smooth, with all the usual bits working flawlessly and its own additions fitting in with no issue (e.g. condensing everything down to health and stamina even for mages). I especially liked the various nods to other roguelikes and RPGs, namely the Amulet of Yendor having actual worthwhile stats rather than just being either wearable godmode or an otherwise-useless "you win" object like in several other roguelikes where it appears. Every bit of this game oozes love and dedication put into it, makes me wish I'd heard of it and played it sooner.

Started playing this a couple days ago in release 31, so 32 coming out and adding all these new features today was a pleasant surprise after failing my last attempt at ascension the night before. The sprite bobbing not only looking nice but being customizable is really neat, I left it as is personally but having choices is always good. I also appreciate the quality-of-life features, namely the blue summon healthbars and the info you added to the player handbook at the start (I didn't notice that summon kills gave no XP until I read that bit, whoops).

My first and so far only successful run was today as a gnome mage ("Redingles") with the Natural Leader and Team Spirit perks, coupled with spamming Energy Bolt at the start and then some of the better direct damage spells as I unlocked them. By the end, I was riding a tidal wave of hippo-men and skeletons in plate armor, raining down acid clouds, fireballs, chain lighting and banshee shrieks like nuclear artillery fire  on anything unfortunate enough to have/develop a non-green health bar within view. Ended up ascending by wiping out Mrogna with the above army, some additional figurine/horn summon spam, two elixir clones, hoarded attack wands and a ton of endurance potions to fuel the spellpocalypse. Ended up being a bit overkill, admittedly, but then again so is the process of killing most oversized spiders.

Special mention goes to the fact that you can just drop the starting staff and start punching goblins and kobolds until they explode into gore, provided you have high enough stats plus Health Surge to offset the beating you'll get back at first. Very few games bother to include any consideration for unarmed combat, so having it be a viable gameplay type instead of an unintended dead end is a real treat. Being able to punch everything from common animals/people to ethereal beings until they cease to exist is part of why I played so much Morrowind, after all.

I hope you keep adding more to this game, assuming there's any more room to add anything as it is. Either way, I'm looking forward to punching everything to death solo, one monster at a time, whenever the mood to do another run hits me.

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Neat little game, reminds me a bit of LSD in terms of environment mixed with Yume Nikki regarding the items. I like that it has that "PSX that someone's cat pissed in" visual stank, adds a whole lot to the mood and vibe. 

I think I found everything in v0.0.2, unless there's something obvious I missed or really well-hidden goodies (arbitrarily named, beware of SPOILERS):


  • Rollerskates
  • Frog
  • Flashlight

Places of Interest

  • Scungus' Pit (leads to the cage in the plaza, no way out except hitting K as far as I know)
  • Psychedelic Crawlspace (where the Frog  item is found)
  • Dark  Forest (turn right at the yellowed lamp along the long road out of town, just after the wreck where the Flashlight item sits)
  • XL Meat Pit (leads to same cage as Scungus, props to the creator on those meat SFX for the footsteps, good choice)
  • The Infinite Road Out of Town (if you don't follow the busted lamp)
  • The Messed Up Road Out of Town (turning back once you loop on the infinite road)
  • The Void Lamppost (found at the very end of the above area, off to the side where the road ends)
  • Checkboard Friend Dimension (teleport from using the void lamppost, my heart goes out to the one sad lad hidden in the friend circle)
  • Endless Bathrooms


  • Fooglies (thumb men) chilling in one dark inaccessible room of the endless bathrooms, as well as an army of them camped at the messed up road
  • Bepsi machines in the plaza and the bathrooms sideroom with the Fooglies in it, plaza one has the appropriate theme song playing
  • Bells/Nuts(?) on the floor in one of the apartment rooms in plaza
  • Some sort of boarded up inaccessible door in the side of a silo/reactor(?), behind fences past the wrecked car in the plaza parking lot
  • Loads of eyes chilling in the bathrooms, namely on the walls and on a TV
  • One seriously intimidating toilet blocking the path in a bathrooms corridor
  • Red sign above the turnstiles leading to Scungus' Pit, either nonsense symbols or a foreign language I don't recognize because I suck at languages

If I missed anything, please do let me know. Looking forward to see what's new in v0.0.3.

You managed to take what would be an annoying waste of time in most other games (getting past a vertical barrier preventing progress) and turn into an awesome game, that's crazy impressive.  Climbing feels amazingly good, there's just enough looseness in the physics that you can slingshot yourself like an living Stretch Armstrong toy once you get a feel for it, the seagulls are realistically depicted as the petty, sadistic little winged demons they truly are,  and the wacky hand physics are the icing on the cake.

My hands actually sweat quite a bit when I got into the groove of climbing,  especially on the final peak. Apparently my brain didn't know or care by that point that the wall was virtual, that it could interpret color signals from my eyeballs, or that its host body is anything but that of a posh 19th century gentleman with superhuman endurance.

I can't wait to play the full version whenever it's finished, however long it may be until then since you can't rush perfection.

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Fantastic little game, and a huge improvement on the already-good first game. This game is essentially what happens when someone takes the best bits of Resident Evil 4's gameplay, uncaps the upgrade system to allow your stats to hit absurd levels, and lets you go nuts on a hoard of demonic coyotes.

I had a ton of fun sneaking around at the start and carefully sniping coyotes from as far as possible, knowing alerting even one could be a quick death. I had even more fun by the end with lots of upgrades, where I was sprinting around all over firing a crazy-powerful chaingun that coincidentally looked and sounded like an antique winchester, shrugging off a dozen coyote bites without even slowing down.

This game has some serious love put into it. Great gameplay, a fun concept, a neat little horror story to tie it all together, and the design of it is focused on being fun to play first and foremost, instead of being fixated on being spooky/artsy at the cost of playing like crap as many horror games do. I got an entire evening's worth of fun out of a game I expected at most 10 minutes of entertainment from, which is one hell of an achievement in terms of making a good game IMO.

I especially liked the aiming system that you made by building on BP1's flashlight mechanic, makes it more complicated to aim over long distances and adds to the panic when you're trying to fight off several coyotes up close. The way Barbara's upper half turns when near the walls and trees due to collision physics is a really neat detail. The coyotes approaching more slowly if they heard you walking instead of running was a nice touch, too. Bonus Level 1 using BP1's map was the cherry on top of it all.

I highly recommend playing through the first time slowly with no upgrades, letting the silence creep you out and getting Ending B by following instructions for the proper horror experience. Then, start upgrading your gun stats as much as you can, put on your personal favorite 90s FPS soundtracks, and go hog wild like you're playing DOOM on Ultra Violence until you can finally take on the big lad in level 4 and "win" to get Ending A.

I'm eagerly looking forward to BP3 if you're planning on making it. If it improves as much on BP2 as this did on the original BP, it's gonna be amazing. Hell, I'd even be happy with just more geriatric coyote genocide simulators, since this was such a blast to play.

P.S.: I ran into a few harmless, funny glitches while playing, I realize they won't be touched since this version is final but they were entertaining so I'm gonna list them anyways. Barbara would occasionally launch into the air and come down again with no issue if I ran down a steep slope, like the one at the start of level 1 and one of the cave entrances. Live coyotes sometimes got stuck on dead ones' corpses, running super slowly or in place due to the blockage. If I was too close to a wall when a coyote let go after latching on, it would more often than not land on the wall, and start glitching up it in an unkillable state while looping its run or attack animations before blinking out of existence, which was a hoot. Also, I figured out how to walk on the walls, by climbing the ridge and then go over the edge in some spots, which lets you cheese the coyotes' pathfinding easily if you want to.

Pretty good, if short and simple. Considering your chosen name doesn't seem to affect any dialogue, I'm not sure why it's in there, unless it's for something not yet added (or for people like me who put in silly names for the hell of it).

I did, however, enjoy picking a ridiculous name before making each of my choices. At the end, I ended up with the incidental synergy of typing in "Mr Plinkett" and picking "Yellow", which was turned out way differently than I thought it would and was in-character. Horribly, disgustingly in-character.

"Oh nooo..."

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Hey, just finished playing this, excellent game you've made! Got through with 232:12 and 204 deaths. Also got the secret, albeit by pure accident, but it was worth it.

Tight controls with multiple options for those like me who prefer them, checkpoints that are both fair and challenge-preserving, great art and sound, just long enough to make the most of what it has to offer without overdoing it, and a difficulty curve that gets nice and steep by the end without suddenly jerking up or down at any point. This game's got all the good stuff with none of the filler or crappy design that a lot of other games of this type suffer from.

Hell, I actually went through the annoyance of making an account on here and posting all this blather, just so I could praise this game, and I normally wouldn't bother doing that even for a free pizza, so that should be an indicator of how much I liked it.

All-in-all, this is some great stuff, really scratches that "Super Meat Boy/IWBTG" itch without going too crazy on difficulty. If you haven't given this a shot yet, do it, it's worth your time.