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First, off... great game. I found it today and really appreciate the attention you gave to global warming and eco-consciousness.

A couple game related requests...

Multiple buys: You have a Shift-Click to sell items. Can you also implement a CTRL-click to buy multiples of 10, or 25? My finger is numb from all the clicking.

Workers blocked by Policies. Towards the end game, some Policies disable Workers. When you hover over the worker it indicates, "A policy prevent this worker to be functional!". Could you change the message to indicate the specific Policy that's preventing the worker from being functional? For example... The Gas Cars Ban prevents Tree Planters from being functional. When you hover over the Tree Planters, can it say "The Gas Cars Ban prevents this worker from being functional"?

Also, a philosophical comment... GMOs while beneficial to the organisms themselves, research is showing that they appear to be bad for the environment. As such, even though it would give me game benefits, I was reluctant to click these, since I personally avoid GMOs whenever possible. Might you consider changing this to some other technological advancement?

Otherwise, I really enjoyed the game. Will there be any prestige advancements with future developments?