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I liked the atmosphere of the game from the get go. Love the gentle cycling evening/night time colors. I think the gameplay loop was really well done, and could see it refined into more subtle camera positioning and exposure speed toggles for bonus points. 

Maybe it's just my computer volume but the camera shutter effects were SO loud. It sorta hurt my ears and took me out of the experience.  One other minor point is that the clouds sort of multiply the darkness of the building, which is confusing to me. I couldn't tell if the clouds were meant to be in the foreground or behind the buildings.  

I can't wait to see where you take this, it's super clean and easy to pick up and play around with. On the last level, I felt like the difficulty curve ramped up, which was pretty fun. I thought the journals were a nice touch as well, I'm already interested in learning more about the world! 

The audio cues and music during one part of the last level were spot on as well. I think my eyes just aren't as good as they used to be, but I would love to see something a little more like a solid line for the interaction indicator. Since the particle effects are dots as well, it kinda blended in.

Great work!!

Sure thing! 

I think it's pretty fun. Love the pig! I just wish the sound effects were a bit quieter. I dunno if it's my computer or what but after a bit, I was just bouncing to try to avoid the coins for fun :)