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I thought it was a joke when I tried it. One of the most horrible games I ever saw.

I'll be honest, the graphics looks nice and creepy, the game overall it's mediocre.

So, has it evolved in a survival horror yet ?

I enjoyed it thorougly, I hope you'll make more of thi games.

Too crazy and artsy for my taste, I'll pass, but great visual style nontheless.

Is anything supposed to happen at the beginning or is it just a walking simulator in a dark forest with retro graphic ? I kept walking and waiting before giving up. Too bizarre, Too boring. 

Clunky, don't understand why the developer choose such an odd control system instead of the usual walk and look around with mouse. Overall extremely boring.

How to make a walking simulator and put the player to sleep. One of the most boring horror game i ever played in my life.

how do you download this ?

The game could be nice, but i didnt enjoyed it. You really got to work on the pacing of your games. There are pauses before the next event that takes WAY too long and eventually it got me too bored to go on. And ive finished most of your games and that something i noticed you tend to do, putting a slow pace where its not really needed. And i know the pacing here specifically got to do with immersion and the pandemic, but what with the graphics and the tools used by the developer the ambiance its kinda blank and its hard to fill it with stuff to keep someone interested and immersed in my opinion. You gotta fill the moments of silence with interesting things before the next event.

Did you gave up on it or is it still being developed ?

is this still being developed ?

So, how's development going on with this ?

is this still being developed ?

Hey there ! Still on hiatus ?

Heya can we get an update on the development ?

Is this still being worked on ?

Is it still being worked on ?

too much reading around, didn't like the use of the assets, overall i was very bored

how do you turn off the fps counter ?

It's annoying the hell out of me for some reason.

but what if i want to turn it off permanently ?

how do you turn it off ?

I don't know what most of the comments are on about. This was just a minute long, extremely boring.

Still working on version 0.3 ? lol

good graphics but i found it incredibly boring after a while, i dont know the other people commenting about it being scary what are on about. Still, good effort.

Pity its so short, i think it's more likely a prototype or a proof of concept. Great atmosphere, would definitely play and pay for a longer more complete version with all kinds of jumpscares. I think you're onto something here.

Started extremely interesting and unnerving, had a great atmosphere but completely ruined by the ending. Waste of potential.

I hope you are going to make more. The first 10 103 was awesome, null kelven is even better.

Is it ?

would be cool to be able to download it

Cool. Is there an aftermath of 2021 now ?

I really wish i could play this game, but it does not want to start no matter what i do. Whats wrong with the .exe ?

Premise is good, the mirror mechanic is interesting and the graphics are awesome. Unfortunately i didnt had fun. After just a few tries the scare factor dropped to zero for me, the game became boring and to avoid the monster became an hassle that had nothing fun to it, it just didn't clicked for me. The atmosphere was great but the general lack of lore couldn't save it for me. Though opinions are subjective.

Sooo it's spring..anytime guys.

What a great game. I'm playing the complete version and i love it, i'm also burning with hate for the "buddy" IA, that all i want is to be mean to it and destroy it. Good job !

won't launch after i clicked on the .exe

so it's been abandoned ?