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Boy realise they are a team of 4 and one of them can code they have to make all the sabotages and stuff like that 

well you have a good point

Ahem also copy right

And i can run it

I have a phone from 2009 anyway


The lucky mrcheese

Maybe reinstall the game

Maybe u have em because pc players get everything for basically free when they get the game just check ur hats if they arent there idk

Those are good task ideas

I agree

I dont think it would be a good system to give crewmates hats for winning otherwise theyd make no money because people would go on mobile for free then get free hats but i definitely think they should add ban reasons like you said

But i agree with ban reasons

Exactly how would that work also banning people for not giving a colour! The host shouldve picked it when they started

Nah nah nah

Just like nobody made that joke before

If ur 4 parrelel universes ahead u must be big brain

U cant do that 🙄

well if we know it's the airship what's the eject screen

Maybe the elevator 

Maybe the same from Mira HQ 

I'm confused

Bro the point is that pc is better but if u don't have one u can buy them for really cheap

Maybe saying what your stats were

Idk they might keep it somehow

ah it's ok I was jus wondering

Was that necessary

I have cats

Ur mom is very thicc boner

F in the chat


Ur mom is thicc


Did u jus copy Dani's name but put profused before it Bc Dani's name is dani Dev stuff


I think number 3 was intended because that is still there bc the description of auto bbounce is "buy me I'm op lol"

Same I'm like wtf is key used for I was thinking the same thing

I mean they have used alot of good options for eject screens in among us

Well if its the airship won't it copy the eject screen from Mira HQ

It happens only when I'm impostor😐

Ye I get that too


Among us for definite