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A member registered Dec 22, 2021

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Very nice game!!!

Keep up the good work mate ;)

Nice Game, Can´t wait to see the Fullgame!!!
Gameplay here:

Nice Game!!!!!

V ery nice Game, i Love it, ty for letting us playing this Game ;)

Hi  :)I´m glad to hear from you, i´m sure you have a lot to do and probaply learn and of course it is not easy as i suggest ;)
But i love the game so far really much and would love to play more if you have something new :)I would really preciate that if you would let me know as soon as you got something new :)
Hope to hear from you soon again  :)may god bless you!!
take care! ;)

I Like this game very much, when does the Fullgame is to be acpected? :)

ty for this nice Demo

Nice Game Mate,hope to see the Fullversion soon :)

Nice Game!!

Nice Game, short but had some good scares :) Like the sound and the Graphics

Lovely Game, i will play the other Games as well ;)

i somehow missed the Horror maybe.... :(

Beautiful Game, but i didnt Manage to get the Last Code....maybe someone can tell me? :) Enjoy playing it yourself :)

WOW, i´m glad to hear, i would like to play the new version as well :)

YES, i#m very excited to play it again whenever you made a new version :)

Lovely Game :) Hope to see more!!!

VERY NICE GAME!!! Hope u will resume on this one!!!
TY so much!!

Beautiful Game :)

Very nice Game!!! :) Thank you so much!!!

I´m glad to hear this and very excited to see AND PLAY your Game in Future again ;)
Thank you so much for your HARD Work!!!

I Love the Sounds,the Envirement and i hope this Game will continue!!!

Love it!!!!More Games like this pls :)

Nice Game!

VERY NICE GAME!!! Love it!!!

thank you :)

Nice Game :)

Nice Game!!!!

Well Done!!

Good game!!!
I would Love to see more like this :)
keep up the good Work ;)

Nice Game, i Love it!!! Was my Monster Buggy?? 

Very good Game!!
Please more from this!!!!


nice Game!!! :)

i love it!!!

Very good Demo, on Wishlist on Steam, i will buy it!!!!

LOVELY Game!!!!

I LOVE IT!!!Can#t wait for the Release of this Game ;)

and again,a awesome game!!! i will buy the full game as well ;) ty for this game