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Thank you! I watched your video, I noticed that when you played you didn't use the mouse to aim which made it a lot more difficult! To rectify this I've added mouse to the controls on the game page.

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Thanks for the compliments and criticism.  I completely agree that the enemies need more feedback, but there should be checkpoints on each floor? Maybe something went wrong, sorry!

It crashed on me!

Here's the log


HC/polygon.lua:265: attempt to index local 'dx' (a number value)


HC/polygon.lua:265: in function 'move'
HC/shapes.lua:328: in function 'old_function'
HC/init.lua:65: in function 'move'
wand.lua:38: in function 'fire'
wand.lua:115: in function 'update'
main.lua:215: in function 'update'
[C]: in function 'xpcall'

Aside from that , I like the game. Hitboxes feel a little too big though.

No problem! I know how rough it is when no one will give you advice :)

I have a few suggestions! 

First off, the music crackles in my headset, this might be just me but no other game does this so maybe you could fix it? 

Second, when you get hit you should get knocked back or something similar, at the moment there is no reaction from the character and so it is often surprising when you die. Similarly enemies also don't 

Third, it's not entirely clear what is a wall and what is not a wall, this could just be me but I found myself confused at times as to where I was allowed to walk, this could be fixed with more clear differences between background layers and foreground layers.

Fourth, the main interaction with enemies is inherently boring, you kite back and shoot kite back and shoot. There is no dodging or anything similar, you can't even dodge the wizard magic balls, they just home in and hit you.

Well, I've gone and written this all out, but I don't want to give the impression that I don't like the game or that I'm trying to be mean. I just saw that you wanted suggestions on the forum and I decided to come and comment what I thought could be improved :) I also don't think it's a bad game, it's got an interesting premise, cute art, and I think the song would be good if it weren't crackling!


A quick suggestion! You should give the player a reason to not hold down shift and charge, because at the moment you can just charge the whole time. Or maybe just get rid of charging entirely and just make it charge over time.

I think you have a good idea here, but I think there are some changes to be made to help it out.  I think the monsters and humans should have predictable behavior, so that you can know when you need to block for each one. As it is now, you kinda just have to hope and pray that your monster shoots the right way and that the humans shoot the wrong way. There are a plethora of ways to do this, but it's really up to you.

It may also be interesting to add different human and monster types! Although that may have been too ambitious for you in this short time span.

Another minor suggestion is when you hold forward into a wall you can't go left or right, an easy fix I presume.

Overall, I liked the idea behind this game, but I feel like the execution is sloppy and needs some work. I also like the choice of music, and the artwork is cute.

Disclaimer: I didn't actually beat the game!

So I really like this game, but I feel like the difficulty is handled wrong. Especially with the huge spike with the flying robo spike shooters. When you combine them with the goop ceiling shooter and the electric floor and a jump that is waaay too wide and a checkpoint that is way behind 3 other enemies, it all adds up to a huge difficulty spike that I just couldn't stomach. I sat and tried to beat that for like half an hour before giving up!

But, aside from that, some other issues I found were that sometimes hitboxes felt bigger than they should've been, like with the falling goo and the spikes, but maybe that's just me. I also think the goo sound effect is really grating after a while. 

Now, I've gone and talked about all the negatives but I've failed to mention the good parts about the game! The art is the first thing that comes to mind, and it is really good! The second thing is the gameplay feels pretty good, jumping around is nice and the movement is good, I might complain that q and d are the movement controls but w/e. I also feel you did a decent job of designing the levels, but I think it might be wise to slow the difficulty curve, even if you ARE going for "NES - hard". I also think you should let the player learn how certain hazards work, like how the ceiling goop robot follows you.

All in all, I hope your not offended by the paragraph I've typed out, I know how it feels when someone criticizes your game and hasn't even beat it! But, I'm really trying to help more than hurt and I think you have a decent game here that just needs some polish!

Sorry in advance, I'm about to toss a ball of criticism and my games really aren't that much better, so take this with a grain of salt :) 

While I may have liked the music and art of this game, the  instructions were hard to grasp, there is a distinct lack of feedback in the players actions, and the UI is tedious.

I find that it is really hard to understand what each action does and why you would do something at any given time, which is really important for a strategy/tycoon game like this. I think this is, in part, due to the convoluted and confusing instructions given to the player. You should find a way to ease the player in better or find another way to explain the rules of the game.

In regards to the UI, it's certainly functional but it feels annoying to use and has a distinct lack of satisfaction behind it. Maybe try giving the player dedicated buttons to certain number amounts instead of typing it in every time? Also, you should skin the UI to look like the rest of the game, it's actually pretty easy with Unity and would make it look a lot better!

Now, with all this it may look like I don't like the game, but I actually enjoyed playing it to a certain degree. It may have been confusing but the music and graphics both lend themselves to the tone the game is trying to convey.

Okay, I'll try that out!

I can't make it past the second level! I ran around looking for anything, and I just ended up bugging through the floor...

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Oh no, you didn't cheese them, those were the intended solutions. Those puzzles were mostly an attempt to get you to think outside of the box! Most playtesters also thought they had cheesed it too x)

I think the learning curve behind the flame jump is either too steep or the flame jump is just flawed, because the flame jump is not very fun to use 

I feel like a restart button would be 'nice',  I also feel you should respawn faster after dying(these complaints are kind of the same)

The character sprite looks kind of weird compared to the very sleek art of the levels(might just be me tho)

The really thin blocks feel way too difficult (I think this is connected to the flame jump more so than the block) 

I could also say that the game drags a little, more in the beginning than in the end

Really anything else I could say would feel like nitpicking and/or personal taste so, that's all I got. Really though, good job on everything else :)

I think it's a shame no one has said how good this is, I think with just a little polish this game would be the best game in the jam! 

Oh sorry about the 7z! I'll make to use zip from now on! :)


It's definitely not impossible! Keep trying I'm sure you'll be beat it eventually! :)

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Thanks! It's kinda funny because I thought it was going to be too easy when I was making it