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this is literally my favorite game, and in case you're afraid it is 100% safe

i cant express how much i love this game, it is one of my favorite games ever literally 

i love this so much, this needs to be an actual social media software id use it 24/7

holy FUCK you scared me so much i love it


nevermind, unfullscreening it worked

im playing the game in full screen on windows, and once i get to the red text saying im the fake the game says "No such interface supported" And I can't continue?

why is this so good omg

this was amazing, it sounds just like me and my partner. it was so enjoyable

fucking jumpscared me harder than fnaf 1 :(

it was so good! you should make more like this, ive never seen this type before

this brought back memories that i thought i forgot, but thank you. it was an amazing game, but i recommend putting a trigger warning even though i dont think those are necessary for most things.

how do you use this on your theme? ive been trying to figure out how and theres no tutorials and nothing on anyone elses pages on how 

i love it its really good 

its so incredibly buggy but its fun, the monster doesnt kill ya also developer i found the secret room c:

i LOVED this game, please make it longer or make a new one it was good af

I really liked it, the only thing I have to say is that it should be longer and have more stuff on the menu page. 

how do you full screen it/adjust the tab size? its way too small :(

I loved it nick :)