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Will the Ares Loop be added to this version of Hyperburner?

Not many emulatable utilities, commercial or homebrew, so thanks for making another one! I've added it to the list on my wiki:

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Never played the flash game version before, but I really liked this game! If you're still updating the game, I have two suggestions: high score saving so that players know what score they have to beat, and perhaps additional aircraft types even higher up in the stratosphere or space to increase the complexity. Thanks for the great game!

Not many games have hotseat multiplayer, so I appreciate that you included it! Here's some custom box art I made using the game art:

Does the game purchase include a box art image? I noticed that a physical edition of the game had box art, and was wondering this is art is available if available with the digital version as well, as I like having box art for each of my games.

Recently ordered a emulator system that supports cover flow, and I'm hopeful that in the future it will be able to emulate C64, so I've been gathering a handful of C64 games and adjusting game art to make custom box art for them.

Is there a full screen version of the snowy box art that includes the lower boxes of the main Grid Pix art? I tried merging the two to create a box art that matches the adjusted one I made for Grid Pix, but a proper version would certainly be better.

Is the game just in Portuguese or is it also in English?