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I'm not familiar with the original, but glancing at a Youtube video of it, I think your remake surpasses it. Very charming!

Great game! Those sea monster battles are tough though!

Great game! Tough at first, but really fun once you learn the systems


Thanks! And thanks for the game. Keep up the good work, dude!

Unfortunately, I switched tabs and the screen went black, so I couldn't get a better screenshot than this. Whoops.

Really nice game! My best was 372

Sadly, this trick wasn't quick enough to get me past stage six. Maybe someone else can comment if they have the same issue. Still a cool game

Oh, wait I got it working, but it seems it only works for me when I pushed at an angle rather than straight down

Cool visuals! I couldn't figure out how to move the box on stage 3 though. It only moved the tiniest bit when I tried to push it. Maybe I missed something, but I figured you were just suppose to push it!

Fun game! I appreciate the extra effort you put in to make a fun ending too

Nice game! Good luck creating the full version

It's hard to capture this great game in words! It's mostly living collages for you to explore, and you'll be overwhelmed with writing and different aesthetics. It's truly original and ignites your imagination for what games can be.

Really cool and eerie!