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You have to play this mode thats basically endless stages, which is accessible in the safe hub or whatever ( you find it by heading right when at the bridge area near the missions), you then pick which monster to pick, (not sure if required but i mostly pick wolf) then in later stages you will find a cluster of vines that take a lot of hits, destroy it and you will get the wolf pelt, then you wait untill you get the line about wolfs howling then start heading to the start point and a big wolf will attack you, get close to her to get the scene.

I was hoping that at some point in development you might consider adding an android version

Kill a bunch of small mushrooms then buy some food from the shop and fight the fox (forgot name) which is located near the ladder with the dog(near the entrance of the cave in the beginning). In doing so the fox will drop her sword which deals quite a bit of damage then fight the big mushrooms for the floating ability and you can continue off from there.

no I'm pretty sure it's a soccer ball when you find the poster for the girl next to the ball it says she was lost during football practice also im pretty sure the update description that added that level said that apparently goblins love football 

Bro that is a soccer ball im pretty sure the reason was because the update came out when the world cup was happening

I'm wondering when your going to add a feature to customize her breast size, in the beginning the Mc talks about her breast but nothing can be changed about it 

I don't think you can check for log files on Android if I try any thing on the app all I can do is download it or move it to another folder

It crashes before the main menu where it talks about the game

Maybe it's because I'm using an older phone

I don't get how people are playing this on Android each time i try to play it crashes

Could you not do that, please

It does that sometimes just fully close the game then start it up its best to save the game before getting off it.

My brother in christ what is a UNA

How to get chees

For some reason when I start the game it crashes before I get to the main menu I'm on Android

I was wondering there is a girl that is crouching down you find her after passing the bunny, does she do anything yet

Each time I start the game it keeps on crashing after pressing the start button I'm on Android by the way


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It might be because I still have the older version somehow but how do you get to the island

Is it possible to make this for Android

I may be dumb but I can't  find the witch clothing in Transylvania