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Oh yeah, new highscore for anyone who actually cares, I got 288.7


Question: everytime I launch the game, it automatically opens the Oculus app, can you play the game in VR as well?

Is it okay if I make a video playthrough on this?

I can play the basement level without any problem, it's the museum itself, I get an average of 0.3 FPS. So a graphics menu would be great! (At least for me)

I saw! I tried running it but somehow my potato cannot do it. Is there any graphics settings menu?

Can't wait!

Any Idea when we can download it?

Can't wait for da release!

*Gives thumbs up*

what about the art style?

I mean, it's neat and all, but you should give some credit to Superhot, which I can tell heavily inspired this game. Good job for under 3 days though!


If you have suggestions of a new thing to add to this one, or to make, just say in the comments.

Where can I download mods?

You can have my game in your video, and sure, I'll sub. can you send me the link for the video

Thank you all for rating my game for me.

Hey, YOU WON!!! ( -:

Actually, I submitted it into another jam that was candy based, sooooooo, yeah, that's why it's there (also yeah, it would just be weird to make duck hunt T, stress level zero already did that.)

Das wat i been did. It just didn't work for me.

No wangwage pweez

Honestly, the whole game is a bug.

I know, It gets deep.

just refresh the page, maybe i'll add a reset button too.

It dosen't follow my mouse at all. . .

Maybe fix that?

1. Yeah, i'll try to fix that

2. the hit box is the exact shape/size of the duck (makes it a challenge)

3. I had that originally, but it made it so i couldn't click the duck, I might be able to fix it.

4. you have to refresh the page to restart, (hitting the duck at the end was unintended)


I know what you mean.

sure, let’s see it

Here ya go

also, how did you change the theme color of the twine story, i couldn't figure that out.

I like the part about leanrinig 3d modeling. IT TOOK ME FOREVER TO LEARN AUTODESK. also why is this in the low effort game jam, if you want to see a really low effort twine, here ya go.

Twine. Respected.

Ummmm. I kinda removed it

Yas It es Pouetic tu da macs


How do you play?