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now where is the game

I love how it turns to horror half way through, really creative idea!

I completely agree there, we could've made this a bit more harder

Rhythm high score: 85
Amazing sequel to teaching bird, maybe not for everyone but I love this game

Thanks for the feedback!

Well it was sort of intentional, since your goal was basically to make that money back and then some
But I guess that wasn't too clear, so sorry for the confusion

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Your goal is just to make that money back and then more
I guess
I don't know the game was sort of rushed

someone commented a solution to this: just rename the folder that ends with _data to "Shoot to Dice_data"

that is what i get for renaming my project after building

nevermind, another person commented a solution: just rename the folder that ends with _data to "Shoot to Dice_data"

dont play it tho the game is terrible since its my first game jam game & first ever actual game

right, the problem was that i renamed the game after building (The previous name was "GMTK 2022" but i forgot to rename the project)

also, the game is terrible since it is my first actual game

i recognize the speech bubble... is this a scratch project

thats what i get for rushing this whole thing and uploading it at 2 am

welp, i cant fix it now, sorry

amazing game, it teaches you a lot about how to make a platformer feel good to play. 10/10

wait how do i use the scissors

how do i delete a save?