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fun lil time consumer, tnx. looking forward to VT :)

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run into a snag, trying to place a water siphoning plant and the plant itself i can place without issues, but nto the harvester, it says i require a permit even tho i have bought permit for the region (campaign 0.5.0:0502)

EDIT: nvm im being a total noob ;)

Autonauts community · Created a new topic 6.2 milk bug

i just noticed something now when trying to build a new milk storage in a area abit away from the starting area, it shared the same amount of content as the one i had, also when i destroy one and build a new one, it still keeps the content

also, how do you get rid of the milk (use it) i always stop up when the milk gets full and i cant get more fertilizers cuz the cows dont get milked anymore and it doesnt help to delete the milk storage structure

ye i noticed that a bit later, all working now :)

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dunno if it might be a bug but neither me or my bot is able to access the seed storage or the general storage, ive tried click with left right space and mmb etc, anyone got ideas? or tell me how its supposed to be inserted normally