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If you don't know where to start then this is super helpful in giving some very valuable jumping off points! I would definitely recommend this!

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I love this game so much, I love the magic, I love the tech, I love the western! I've gotten in starship battles with space cops, I've been accosted by skull demons, I've fallen in love and died and then gone to Space-ylvania. This game is amazing and brilliant.

This system as A TON of utility and has helped me develop so many fun NPCs such as Hezekiah Slate - First Sword of the Church, The Kraken, the Gentleman Phantom, and many more! 

I had fun playing this at work on Christmas Eve! Thanks for making it!

I played a two-session game of this with some friends and the world-building mechanics were so incredible, they really gave us all the chance to stretch out legs in the environment and feel it all out.

It does feel a bit directionless at first and I wouldn't recommend it to new players or a group that hasn't played together for long enough. It requires a fair bit of trust and vulnerability but also the ability to add to the conflict and stoke the fires a bit.

All that being said, this is a super fun game and we had a blast. It is definitely really evocative of the Persona games and just feels like such a cool game space to explore.

I love this playbook, it does something that no other playbook does and is absolutely an amazing addition to any game. I cannot recommend this playbook enough!

This looks really cool and I am super excited to try this out with one of my RPG groups!

Any game that lets me play as 8 year old child of the president, Todd opposite fighter pilot Tom Crews and Four Star General Forester is pretty great in my book. But honestly, this game sets up a great system to have a ton of fun almost instantly. My group was laughing and joking through how we would kill Sharkira (a Gojira Lightning Shark) for several hours.