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Like in please don't touch anything

It's just a mandatory rule of the jam

Because it is

Assets aren't credited

Oh, thanks. It just sounded like one word

I love portal!

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I love the game! But using A and D for camera movement is very nauseating. Also, what is a fennypotectifshell?

first reply

It says I can't open it. I unzipped the folder and I got an error

Fair enough


The title explains it


Reminded me of there is no game

wow that was really cool

wow that was really cool

Wow that was really cool

Wow that was really cool

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Is it just me or is this looking kind of THICC

The controls were a little too floaty

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You can only jump twice after coloring a platform

How do you get the easter egg?

I also used region Ids and it didn't help

I got it working but It looks like this 

Where do you put the three images? I put them in system but the plugin couldn't find them.

You're welcome! I'm glad I could help.

This game is so fun! You did spell courage wrong though

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the insult. Best game jam game ever

Yeah. The coda was amazin

Never gonna give you u

Where do I put each thing?  Which one is animations, which one is walls?

I get a .rar file and have no idea how to get it in game.