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I played this game second in the video and really enjoyed the atmosphere

It's at 2:47

Enjoyed your game! It's the first in the video

I really enjoyed the game, although I didn’t finish it yet, I like the art style and I’m sorry I sound a bit tired in this video

Phew! I’m glad, but I really did like the fact that you could have a really crazy looking birdhouse!

Your game is in the first half, I would definitely play it with more content added! 

I was really bad at this game, but it was interesting to play and quite flustering to get the right parts for the bird houses, but overall I thought it was pretty good!

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Great horror expierence! Would love to know more about the story though, but it is seriously good for a game jam!

I did a second video and it's pretty much more aware gameplay as I couldn't reach the end

I really enjoyed it, but I'm sure I missed a lot of it!

I've backed you on kickstarter and I honestly can't wait for the full release!

(I finished the demo off-camera)


I have done a series  on YouTube and I love the game!  I'm not the best and episodes 1 - 3 are me failing, pretty much...

Playist above

Episode #1 below

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I really enjoyed your game and it kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to know more! I know this was just for a one time Game Jam but I think you should continue with this it shows amazing potential!

The bugs were fine and didn’t affect gameplay that much, I’m glad you enjoyed the video and I’ll probably make a short one where I complete it to show the end,

Great game, thanks!

Thanks! I really enjoyed your game but I wasn't too good at it!

Thanks for this game,  good and quirky!

Not availale at the time of post

Thanks for this game I honestly really enjoyed it and can't wait to record another episode on it!

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I'm sorry I'm an immensely small channel, but I did thoroughly enjoy your game, thank you!