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Random levels in the next Major Update

I'll get on it

Actually Addicted

Linux Please

Linux Please

yea thank you for helping him I didn't know Proton didn't work for mac so I shouldn't have said anything.

You need to have steam downloaded, running in the background, and the latest version of crab game installed on steam, play it once using Proton (google it) and then follow these instructions:

click this link to download steam api and extract the files into "CrabGame_Data/Plugins"

Next you need to go where the Actual thing you click on to play it is located (executable) and save a .txt file (text document) called steam_appid.txt with this number in it:


Now you need to attempt to run the game, if it fails, follow these instructions to allow the game to run on your mac.

Let me know if this works. I'm doing a youtube tutorial for the linux version check out my channel here.

rename the file to something easier to type

Okay nevermind I can't even join a game anymore....

Let's GOOO! Thanks Dani! Can't wait for steam version!

Bro where's Gladihoppers Linux

Dani please don't forget us

Make sure speaker settings are correct and talk press V

press V for mic

which version of proton?



wait is this different than the other Attack on Toys?

Yea I Have installed it but my windows 7 wont work and neither will my windows 10 vm

Where is Linux Download???

please ubuntu

not for this jam.. but I have a few. My discord username is ConfusingFool93#8754 if you want to contact me, or join one of my discord servers. I have one channel on one of my servers labeled "Jams" in which you can post things and gather support about this jam, and any other jam.

is this on pc or mobile?

This is where you can submit your own modes or just have any questions about things like... "Does this sound appealing"  "Would people like to play this" and just other things for support from other Jammers, or even me!

Any Assets are usable as long as you give credit.

You can use any game engine: Unity, Unreal etc....

and yes TPS is great! I did say get creative didn't I?

I would like you to have at least Windows and Linux, but if you want to make it playable on mac Android, Ios , web browser that's great too!

You do not have to make dedicated server, but at least something like with bots or a way for players to host servers.

I would like to see some realism, but anything will do, also a good gore system is fun.. but just get creative!

Also all type of software is great!

Okay Thanks! I will do something to that effect.

linux demo please!

also you can put your custom arms and put them in the hierarchy  as a child of the arms in the kit..

Hey FelixFilip please update PC version how hard can it be? Just take the mobile version and put PC controls instead! I'm tired of using BlueStacks because the mobile version is better than PC version!

this is JUST a meme game dumbo

no shit sherlock


Hellish Daybreak community · Created a new topic Questions

Ask Questions about the game here!

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Just Comments you have for the game.

Ask away..

If you need help this is where you ask.. (either here or on Discord.)