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This game gives the scary feeling of walking alone at night.

I love how your jump scares got me .

I've just finished your game and I really like how the ambient sounds and the  skinwalker spooked me. 

I did enjoy your game

I've played all 2 episodes and I hope you make another one.

This game makes me afraid to run. 

I had a lot of fun playing this game. Here is my play through  of your game.

I really like playing your game but there some things I want you to take notice.


I know the game is developed using Unity engine so I assume you guys using nav mesh agent for your Butcher(the killer).

because  I can mess with him while standing in the table at 2nd floor of the factory ( you can see it in my play through in my YouTube channel).

I think you can used nav mesh obstacle to avoid that.


Can you make the ending  friendly for low-spec PCs because the motion blur makes it laggy.

That's it and I really enjoy playing your game.

You can also watch the play through here:

Part 1

Part 2