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79 barks :-) (could be 78 because  I miss-barked once...)! It's a nice game, I like that mechanics. The puzzles are nice and simple.  Music sounds great too. I'd love to play more levels with expanded mechanics. 

I've stumbled upon this game when browsing by "newest" and I decided to note stuff during playthrough. I didn't play long though, just 40 minutes. Maybe it's not my cup of tea. Here is what i noted:
* lack of sounds in menu when selecting options 
* no fullscreen option? I had to figure it out, the shortcut is alt+enter
* very long loading time when creating a world. the game freezed on the first try of loading the new world. I had to kill the process and try again
* the tutorial is meeeh. there are so many minerals to find that I felt overwhelmed. 
* I think that the tips given by the robo-friend during gameplay should be packed in some introduction level. Maybe something like the first planet in No Man's Sky where you are getting familiar with controls and what the game is about
Speaking of that...
* what are the artefacts? Why I should want to find them?
* what are the Hearts? Why should I kill them?
I think that this was the main thing that prevent me from playing longer. I don't have the feeling of purpose when playing.

* the ambient music in the undeground contains some weird sounds that made me think that I'm being attacked by some strange creatures only to find out it was the music all along. I don't know if it's intentional, but it's kinda scary to me haha (I'm not a horror guy)
* buuut the music is great! I really like ambient when playing games.
* the spaceship sprite is great! I really like when it turns buuut I wish there were more animation frames
* I like the design of the creatures

* why the space is soooo biiiiig? Like really, the empty space between the planet and station is soooo biiig! 
* I wish I was able to navigate the ship using mouse. It's hard to shoot stuff using only WSAD
* the automatic Hover mode when near the surface was problematic for me. I didn't always want to land. I would prefer bumping at full speed into mountain and loose some hp than: going full speed -> going into automatic hover mode -> switching to fly mode again

And that would be it. Sorry for not playing more and unlocking more stuff, I've seen that I can upgrade and unlock some things.  I hope that this long comment will be helpful for you! I will give it a try and play it again after few updates. Good luck!

Really cool! I love the art style, and the dog is sooo cute. Please, make a follow-up or spin-off :D