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I had made it through once, I just went back to try and make all the forge items so it wasnt too bad when I broke the game

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So i broke the game. pic here==> https://imgur.com/a/N0FCuaE

i accidentally tossed the forged item trying set on the anvil and tossed the tongs trying to pick get again

Edit: hit new tab and make the E capital it doesnt seem to want work like a normal link

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So I've been playing for bit now and put about 2.5 hours into the game but I can't seem to get the position were she's on her back. Am I just being stupid and missing it or was that a feature that didn't make to the end release?

Edit: I was being stupid, I got it a few min after the original post.

I wish I had a more disposable income, while small, the concept for a good game is here and I'd like to see it/them progress. Maybe when a few or possibly all of the Autumnhearth collection is out you could bundle them