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background got me a little dizzy like woah

Thank you!

I was astonished at how this turned out to be a little puzzle game. Well done!

Thank you!


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

This is probably my most favorite entry. Good job! 

The graphics and audio were top notch, but the game was a little frustrating since I can't skip the dialogues. Nevertheless, it is a fun little game!

Yerrrrrr thanks!

Thank you for your feedback! This was my first poke at idle/incremental games, so it kinda sucks, but I'm glad you liked the visuals!

(4th elf is an anvil elf, and the first time you get it you will get an anvil rank!)

Thanks! Yeah, I wasn't too happy with this game jam game, but thank you!


You are absolutely crazy

I'm addicted

short and cool!

I really enjoyed how the enemy brings in an element of randomness and challenge in the game, and it feels like an extra spin that I enjoyed from the similar games. Good job!

I really hope that the screen can be resized, but I think the planes have a weird moving mechanic. I was also lost which plane am I when I first play this game. However, I could see this becoming a really fun intensive flying game! 

I really like the puzzle design on this one. I have played a similar game like this on itch, but your puzzle seem to have more depth than that game. The learning curve is rather smooth, puzzles are intuitive, and the art really makes the gameplay loop really engaging. Good job!

Thank you! 142 is actually fairly high in my opinion, after I played my own game for a few times. Simple is the way to go!

Thanks! :P

Thank you! I also looked at your game and love the aesthetics of your puzzle game (really love it)

Thank you! Majority of the replies talked about synchronizing with rhythms, and it certainly feel like an interesting way for it to work. Thanks again for feedback and support!

Enjoyed this game. I just can't stop thinking of the design of the star supernova in Outer Wilds when playing this lmao

Not what I was expecting, but totally reasonable! Glad you enjoyed it!

I always enjoy a little funny game in a game jam, and this one worked perfectly for my expectations. Well done!

Personally huge enjoyer of puzzle games, and I really loveeeee the concept being drawn from the theme in this one. I was really surprised that you were able to pull together 18 levels in the span of 72 hours. Overall really well put together and yet simple puzzle game!