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This game has a lot of technical issues.

1. The game launches on Ultra settings regardless of what you choose on the launcher. This causes quite a long load time for the game's main menu, which makes you think it has locked up since it's just a black screen for about a minute or so.

2. The game is very poorly optimized. Even on the very lowest settings with all optional things turned off (and lowering the resolution, even!) it still lags. The mouse lags, too.

3. The mouse pointer is inaccurate. It's this giant white arrow but the tip of the arrow isn't the actual tip of the cursor, so you're constantly selecting the wrong things when you're trying to change the options. It's super annoying! The mouse is also entirely disabled for the menu once you're actually playing the game. You have to use the keyboard or joypad to navigate the settings, even though you could use the mouse to do it before you started. Urgh.

4. When you turn the subtitles off, the black boxes at the bottom of the screen that contain the subtitle text are still there. They just have no text in them. It's a bit distracting because they constantly appear/disappear and change size to fit the invisible dialog lines.

5. The only keyboard movement controls you can rebind are Forward and Rotate Right. Even in-game, you can't change the movement controls. Speaking of bindings, the game doesn't dynamically display your current key settings. If you were to set the lighter key to C for example, it would still prompt you to push F to use the lighter.

6. The TV in the house causes immense lag. It's a known issue, but for some reason they leave the TV on by default when you arrive. In addition, if you turn the TV off and walk back to the front door, the choppy TV audio turns back on, but the TV itself appears to be off. You have to turn it back on and then off again to get it to stop. This will happen every time you go near the front door, so you just have to avoid that.

Overall, I found these problems to be so constant and distracting from the experience that I couldn't even get through the game.