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wow, this look's good 👍cant wait for more

hey quick question when will you continue Sissel route if you don't mind me asking

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holy shit man im sorry for you and hope for the best and I hope you're pillow will always be cool

:0 this looks so freakin awsome i love the intro to chapter 1

dude don't worry take your time we can wait so you don't need to set a date for it we can all wait

viel Glück

sure i dont mind at all

hey todd how are you doing if you are alright that is good let's all hope for the best for each others

hey could someone send me a 100% save file please if yall dont mind

discord pickle#5636

yess I have been waiting for this for so long thank you Drowsy Drake

ok thank you for letting us know that Nik is in fact a,ok I can't donate because i don't have any money so I hope for the best of all of yall

thank you so much ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡ )

hey I want to ask this because I love the beginning music so what is the name of it if you don't mind

this is so good and there were a few bugs in there I would like to say one of them is where I chose marowhen and nearing the end of the update marowhen name popped up twice when the mc name was supposed to

ok I can't wait for the finished product to come out

update i have played it and wow it is really good Ketz you did a really good  job on the game

i have not tried it but right now it look's cute im going to up date how it went

yeah the what i felt to but only FBTW vibes

yeah it is the same for me to but I play it every 8 months

i just look and they are like miniature mountains

woo new build can't wait to play it

not a bad game what so ever i like the animated sex scenes they are good

yes a new update woo I love intertwined 

yo new build i thoght it ended i was like noo it was so good but know im on here and there is a new chapter let's go

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yeah cant wait to play ELONR it look good too and it is good to take a brake so you need it you have done so much for us by making this game so you need to take a brake hope you have a good week

bro it is a fan made parody

no it is not

yes we got more of the story woo thank you kas im going to play it now hope that you can continue the game take you time with it ok

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it is too good for it's own good like damn there is some good stuff in there im not going to say you have to play to see what i mean

yo thank you cockhole

sorry it has now been 2 month

i love the game but it make me a little sad that we are left on a cliffhanger

i have not played this game yet and it alreadys look goo

Drowsy Drake you make the best game please continue you work please you cant take you time while you make you work and i cant wait to date Atlas no joke he is cute af i want to hug him cant wait to see what happens next love the comdy to i want more game like this but i know there is only a few games like this it is kida sad when you think about it but i got to be hopeful that there will be more of this game so take your time makeing this game :)

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this is stupid and i love it i just luah at the first part of the game

yes thank you sedge thank you so much i love this game a lot 

thank you for telling me this 

i love the game and it has some sad lore to it and i love the gore it is fun to see dead body that are some what eatin and the art style is really good to and cant wait for awisc 2 i hope it will be gorey as this one

 oh my lord i love the game a lot dan cant wait for more of the game you made please try to complete the game i love the sprites a lot and the art style a lot cant wait for more and it is fine if you have stuff going on in your own life if it take longer to complete it is fine we can all wait for you to complete it

thank you for bringing this game to life this is a awsome game i love the art style cant wait for the full gam