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As a german keyboard user having a key bind be z/y with no way to changes it pains me but other then that great game

I love this game, I would love to see this getting developed further. I just have three little nit picks. One there really should be a basic tutorial in the game or at least on itch and not only on the submission site. Two I do not know what but sometimes they card attack animation was lagged out but I'm guessing that's a bevy issue that hopefully will be gone once the new rendered pipeline hits. And There I really wish I could dominate my opponent more in the endgame.

Overall amazing game can definitely recommend this.

Great game. My only complaint is that when your snake moves over a tile whit part of its body on the other side it kills you. And since I can't eat the food on the other side I think you shouldn't be able to die with your snake on the other side.