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just to confirm - there is curently  no way to stay in 1st person on the ship while it is moving?

The piratesahoy wbsite?


It would be a Christmas miracle!

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An icon should pop up (i think its an anchor?) and you then press enter i think, or maybe f3. If you don;t see the anchor you have an old version.

Edit - it is F3

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Ah - im even noobier than I thought - there is an itch programme?? I'm just on a website.

Edit: have it working now - thanks

you walk to the end of the pier and you can get onto the ship

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A quick question from a itch noob - after registering it seems to give me the same options as if I had just downloaded the installer - but I thought i read it should be doing some sort of automatic version update? Is it the follow option on RHS? Collection?