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Ah, well. If you do, have fun with that!

Great idea, but maybe as another idea; perhaps you can turn this into a whole battle engine! I mean, you already have sprites for it (most of the sprites needed.), why not?

Yes, yes i am. problem?

All you have to do is search 3 times, and then use the white rum first, and then use any other drink, boom. spare him and he's gone.

Good game, but there's never any players.


probably the most greatest jumping mechanic i've ever seen!


me who's on a school chromebook: NO.


yeah, but sometimes it revokes my status as an advisor

"If you want to be an advisor, you basically need to prove your proficiency in multiplayer. Advisors are green in chat." can i get some more info on that?

i like citrus green tea

do you want coffee? (the game asked me)

i meant the truck that gives more blocks (this worked) [small question, do you know Con~Crisp?]

there's only one way to get rid of blocks, quickly load them into the truck that leaves when there's no blocks inside of it and the attached blocks will go offscreen and be gone forever, making the game easier

And the greatest thing you could of done was make a HTML5 version

yet i'm the one who's using a school chromebook at the moment

i thought cassette girl was gonna be week 5

btw, the game can't start

i use chrome, and i can play all wweks watchu spittin?

nvm i found out

why can't fully spell the 2nd word

Idk, same with me

bruh i don't watch tutorials tho


too late i found it already tho

bruh i making among us and it's doing ok.

i like this, but is there an end?



bruh i'm on a school chromebook and you expect me to download it???

how do i play

there's no rag

this game is impossible

how do i beat this?!?!

*uno skip turn card* you were saying?

i make fine scratch games

i found the golden scratch cat

i took 3 minutes to get full rainbow