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yey... finally ,been waiting to update..... and your collection help me try other games too, thanks a bit

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Ooooooooo... this is good, also happy bday collie Ghost


failed on the first try, sacrificed the old man in the next run all survived

wdym? explain

what the f? i am a lego? what? confusing

Wow, it's really interesting to hear about your game development journey! Your diverse range of projects and experiences shows your dedication to learning and improving as a game developer.

I'm impressed by how you're taking this opportunity to enhance various skills, including marketing, rapid prototyping, and focusing on polish. It's true that these aspects are often overlooked or delayed in longer development cycles, so dedicating more time to them from the beginning can greatly enhance the overall experience

It's great to see that you're focusing on shorter development cycles to fight scope creep and get early validation for your game ideas. It's also nice to know that you're actively working on different skills and polishing your games from the beginning. Congratulations on the releases of Within a Dead City and sleep.Walker! Looking forward to seeing you more from Tiny Mass Games and good luck with your future projects !

hmm dunno man , this is what girl feeling when they see things like this (when the picture is a woman) , i feel weird when i see this exist, and yet it feel normal somehow

Guardians of Synthetic Eden I and II were my favorites, but GSE III was a great surprise. The ending was heartwarming and the DLC made me feel so much better. Thank you Atrus33 for making GSE 3. Even my life is getting better after playing this

joshua this is amazing. I loved Within the Dead, and now there's a story-based game? I'm surprised. and that plot twist...., its just awesome

when that thing came my heart just went out for a sec , im setting my volume max , its not even a jumpscare but fk tat

yeah man take time to relax, unwind, and enjoy some much-needed rest. You've accomplished something significant, and you deserve it!  thanks for the game too

still on beta?

played with with wee bit effort and defeated the pigeon god, good game

yep i got tavi disappearing too, i thought it was part of the game and i keep searching lol

yey another update thx man

I wasn't expecting much when I started playing this game. I assumed it would just be focused on sex and ero. However, I was surprised to find that the story is very good and the comedy is well-suited to the plot. I enjoy games where the characters have their own unique thoughts and emotions, rather than just focusing on the sexual content

Of course, because nothing says "I know the ins and outs of game development" like claiming that a game was made without any passion. I'm sure you're an expert on the subject and can tell from just playing the game that the developers didn't put any effort or care into it. Bravo.

Oh, absolutely. Because as we all know, passionate people never receive negative feedback. So clearly, if someone receives negative feedback, they must not be passionate at all? makes sense from my ass,  and I'm sure the devs will be thrilled to hear that all their hard work is just the equivalent of learning how to make a sandwich. I mean, who needs passion and creativity when you can just slap some bread on butter.

Despite the negative feedback, it takes a lot of courage and dedication to be a game developer. Creating a game is no easy feat even if its bad, and it's impressive that you have put in the time and effort to make one. It's important to remember that even the most successful game developers face criticism and setbacks, and that every failure can be a lesson in disguise. So let's give you a round of applause for your hard work and perseverance, and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

and you guys need to chill,  criticism can be valuable for game developers to improve their work, but there's no need for such harsh and hurtful comments. remember that behind every game is a human being who has put their time, effort, and passion into creating it. Making negative comments and spreading hate can not only hurt the developer's feelings but also discourage them from continuing to pursue their passion.

the real alpha male lol

download the zip file it will not appear like "sus file" and its true that red is very sus

you're an unique dev

yeah this is unique but it slower my mouse sensitivity

P-Pigeon? omg lol this is unique, i thought only virus can do this , this much better

I think this game could benefit from a clearer objective that’s introduced early on. When I first played the game, I found it challenging to understand what the game mechanics were and what I needed to do to win (i learn when i play) . Eventually, when I destroyed all the obelisks I'd just won just like that, I dont focus too much on destroying the obelisk and instead i prioritized keeping my people alive and healthy. I originally thought the game was solely about survival until all enemies were killed. Overall, I had a great time playing the game, nice game man

My PC has 4GB of memory, it runs pretty smoothly with no FPS problem

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Im pretty sure discord is available on mobile or iphone

maybe i can help? Could you please provide me screenshots of the passcode you mentioned earlier?

try join the discord, maybe someone can help you in there

wdym by iron grip of nintendo? btw thx for the update

Same here lol, its identified as malware for me

enduring pain together before they pass away and learning to accept losing someone, i guess..

Probably the dev abandoned and never returned, hoping that people would visit Patreon and download there (just assuming)

This is truly paradise for my eyes, you're the best (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

works for me. It launches right away after you browse to the swf file location.

dont think about it

good bye my dear rocky

It should have an achivement for it, that is insane

WTF this is so much fun

The voice acting really make the game more tense, ITs so much fun and at the end i still confused