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yes I know that there are campaign attack map, but there are some ores that are not in the map: which means I cant build other buildings and the my configuration of the loadout is very limited.

I was questioning where to find the campaign maps because i want edit them and I hope the Mindustry team makes attack maps and many others kinds of map

Mr .Anuke im playing the newest version of Mindustry i hope in the future update you could some of my suggestions. ores,fuels like valuable items maybe gold or something

2.A timer router that only passes to the next router when they are timed to go to next router.

3.A skirmish mode against you and AI/Computer with color coding

4.New buildings,routers,teleportation for liquid forms, & Maybe a Research lab

5.from concept Research lab,put something like a cloning router/MACHINE Fueling only with expensive fuels and ore,only be built if researched & more machines

6.New types & kinds of enemy like water & air Enemy types and a water & air deffences Like a Missile turret