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Comrade Mayonaise

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Alright. Thanks.

can you add an option where you can change movement controls to WASD instead of arrows? my up arrow is broken thats im recommending this addition. 

Thank you

never thought i'd say this but i actually enjoyed it! great game!

this game is fucking shit

whys the installler in german

i got the same problem

I like the game alot but when i click start it just shows a black screen and stops responding and then i have to close it is it because i didnt allow the game to access my files? [ or something like that i dont remember what said on that thing that pops up] but anyway i like the game im hoping this could be fixed soon :)


can i downlaod this is on my windows 10 laptop?

No problem!

Drift Hunters community · Created a new topic Update

We really need like bodykits. tuning/ performance upgrades. Multiplayer,new maps and new cars that would really liven the game up 

Sick game but it would be pretty ncie with more traffic its just a suggesttion :) 

I like your avater alot! :)