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Loved the game. I'm a sucker for feel good chill games, the story so far is really good. Loved the art style, its simple and perfect. Realizing more and more you can have the most real to life graphics but  still lacking substance. But you can have simple yet pretty graphics and ooze substance without trying. I grabbed it for free and felt like i should push that donation past the goal post. You earned it. Its going to be a go to game from now on when im not trying to get something of my own going.

Great game to experience. Its short and sweet. Even if i knew what i was in for, you need to experience it.  The music makes it amazing, i could stop playing and just listen.

pretty fun, but really consider putting some sort of dialog box that shows how much of x material is needed to make Y. Maybe i'm to used to it in other resource games like this. i found my self spam clicking because i needed villagers to sacrifice or god was getting mad.