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I added a link. try it!


I like the mechanic, but I couldn't make it an interesting puzzle game by myself🥴


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Ah, ok I understand. I don't remember why, but my code was designed to make a sound when WALL moves, so in this level, there is no sound because there is no wall. I didn't notice it haha.

I think you pressed the M(mute) key maybe.

OK I sent a mail!


I enjoyed it very much! It was a great puzzle game.

I made a Japanese translation of this game. If you are interested, please take a look. I hope you would be pleased.

ルール解読系パズル本「LOK」の日本語翻訳 / JP translation of the word search puzzle book "LOK" by Blaž Urban Gracar

I will also upload my Let's Play videos on my YouTube channel in the future. (Since I am speaking in Japanese, I know it will be difficult to understand!)

Anyway, good game!



very good puzzle!


Enjoyed a lot! good game.

Cool mindbending!

Nice :)

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Amazing game! (But it looks like you didn't entry the jam...)


Good puzzle!

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Really really good


Isn't the order of level 4 and 5 backwards? Anyway nice short game!

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Oh okay never mind. I found the ending!

Really neat game! I like the Atlantis no Nazo and I was pleased to see the similarity in the detailed behavior of the jump.

Is there an ending after having the golden rabbit?


Okay solved. There was a behavior I had not noticed at all. When the rabbit enters the hat, the hat itself moves one grid up.

The concept is very fun but sorry to say I could not beat the first level at all.

Is anyone understand the hidden logic? I completely give up:(

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Literally. Thanks!

Is there any way to solve the final level without using brute force?

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Thanks for playing! In level 4, it may be not easy to figure out how to use the new mechanism. If you get stuck, I think you can skip the level with the level select. Enjoy!

lovely game.

Great game!

My playthrough videos. Level 27 is my favorite one.

My playthrough video. This game is really good.

I couldn't discover the rules, unfortunately. Because I'm very bad at Talos-like piece puzzles...

This is a great game! It's a weird gimmick but has a logical solution. Neat puzzle.

Cool game! I got a little bored with the repetition of the same mechanism as a puzzle, but I enjoyed the very interesting concept.

I love this game. Simple but not easy!