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Fun concept!

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When the number of digits is the maximum, you can create all glyph shapes. You can try any glyph you like!

Also, regarding the UI idea, your 'undo' will be difficult to implement due to the specs of this game script. And, it is possible to jump the cursor to the current character, but I forgot the source code :p so I hope to be able to use it in the next game or later. Thanks for the feedback.

This playthrough is v1.0

Very nice puzzles!


Cool game.

Short but fun!

Very good!

Too hardcore for me!

Fun puzzle!


I think it's fixed. Thanks for the quick action.

I'm posting a Let's Play video. Very well done and I enjoyed the game!

The only thing that confused me was the Tetris judging rules for ghosts. 

Why is it incorrect in this screenshot?







Very cool game I really enjoyed.
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Nice one! I thought it would be easy. Once the game started, it was moderately challenging and enjoyable. I liked the cute illustrations when I cleared the game.

The first thing that bothered me was that there was no "Undo" function, and the second thing was that it was hard to understand the rules about the "weight" that can be pushed and the "weight" that falls into the hole , because of the different behavior of each object.

Great job! The open-world graphics looks quite nice, and each puzzle is very polished. I was very satisfied.

I could only find one elephant, but it was a good Witness-style game. Keep developing it.

I finished it. It was a good puzzle game that kept me thinking, figuring out new mechanics one after another. Well-designed and interesting.

Clever designed poozzles. Really 'fun'.  (NOTE : 'fun' means 'poop' in Japanese. )

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What a tough level Ex.2 is! It's simple once you understand it, but I fell into the topological aporia for a long time. Neat game!





It was very difficult, but I was very satisfied. It took me over an hour to solve level 9. Great work!

Interesting! I had no idea where to start or end, so it's thinky game. Nice.


Cool game! 

It's useful to right-click to mark X (I didn't know that until halfway through). The method of verifying the results of trial and error is logical, which I felt the same design philosophy of your "Understand".

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I watched your Twitch stream. It may be late, but I've made the source code open to the public.

I didn't really want to show it to the public, since it's a jam work and there's unused code in the source, but if it's useful.



I've been wanting to make a game with this kind of gimmick for sometime, and this is a good, simple way to do it. Nice game!

Ah, thanks. I'd been playing for a few dozen minutes and hadn't noticed this at all, perhaps because of the textures.

This seemed to be the only place I got stuck, and after that, I was able to finish the game smoothly. Nice game :)

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What a difficult! I had to think the shape of the goal to come up with any steps at all.  Great game!