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Love this game! I really enjoyed!

Great Idea! I really enjoyed! 

I love this game. Great clever puzzles!
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Beautiful atmospheric game.

Good Concept game! I like it!  Most of levels are very easy but only one level is too too difficult for me.

what a cool graphic! I love it!

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Great concept & cute graphics! I really like it!



cool concept! I confused how to control the 2 rooms linked, but I like this game.


Nice concept game! I like it.

great game! I like it.

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Nice game! Good difficulty and gum gimmicks.
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Is this an end? or next room continues?

same bug happens to me too!

すごく面白かったです 完成を楽しみにしています!


hi. I really enjoyed the game! It's hard to think how blocks move when I'm backwards. Thank you for making this game.

I maybe found some unintended solutions. Level 14, 16 :  I don't use pistons.  Level 17, I don't need all pistons.

This is my playthrough video