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Good game!

I hope I can see what colors I displayed, the pixels were too small to see well.

Thanks, I finally solved it, and I didn't realize the intent of the image at all, huh😅

remaining level 19 only. any hints?

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Very interesting mechanics and the right difficulty, very impressed!

Thank you! but I'm not thinking about it at the moment.



This is a brilliant idea! I would love to play more levels!

On my first try, I got 19600 and more. It seems I was in luck.

I wanted to make it clear that the hearts I got were saved even if I restarted. But it was a very good puzzle.

Well, I don't take it too seriously because it will be open in time! Anyway, thank you.

Very clever solution, a great one!

I tried to but the mouse cursor is hidden

Really satisfying game. Great work!

haha, i found a secret one first :)

Cute game!

Very interesting idea. I like it very much.

The idea is brilliant! I hope to see the ghost trail on the current level screen.

I think the problem with this type of analog drawing game is the more effort of fine-tuning try and errors than my inspiration. I am happy when I can draw reproducible lines. In other words, I want some kind of grid snapping, copy/paste, and flip. And Bezier curves if possible.

Maybe Cheese solution (I didn't use the bomb):

Thanks! I have added one other question, could you please check again?


This may not be the right place to write this, but I have reported a problem and would like you to check it out.


I found it very early 😎

woah my aim is so crap

Is there any other ending without a question mark? I couldn't find it.

Here are my playthrough videos.

Nice puzzles! I enjoyed the logical solution on some levels.

H and I are very challenging to solve with a single panel. I wanted cloning panels around the main panel.

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This is my Japanese WIP playthrough (FYI part 1 to 4 are NSS1). This game is brutally difficult to find a possible way to get the secrets, but the puzzles are very exciting.


I added a link. try it!


I like the mechanic, but I couldn't make it an interesting puzzle game by myself🥴


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Ah, ok I understand. I don't remember why, but my code was designed to make a sound when WALL moves, so in this level, there is no sound because there is no wall. I didn't notice it haha.

I think you pressed the M(mute) key maybe.

OK I sent a mail!


I enjoyed it very much! It was a great puzzle game.

I made a Japanese translation of this game. If you are interested, please take a look. I hope you would be pleased.

ルール解読系パズル本「LOK」の日本語翻訳 / JP translation of the word search puzzle book "LOK" by Blaž Urban Gracar

I will also upload my Let's Play videos on my YouTube channel in the future. (Since I am speaking in Japanese, I know it will be difficult to understand!)

Anyway, good game!



very good puzzle!